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By Kelly O'Halloran • May, 2023 • 3 mins

optimize commission tracking - green background with three images previewing QuotaPath's latest features that include surfaced tasks, a collective total earnings amount and average effeective rate. White lettering that reads "get a pulse on your team's financial goals"

At QuotaPath, we believe that automated sales compensation management should be efficient and drive toward your financial goals. You should be able to quickly see value and have a holistic view of your sales team’s attainment and commissions. That is why we have released two new features, Home and expanded self-serve integrations.

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Our new Home experience offers clarity through a comprehensive view that provides performance insights into the most important compensation metrics. Home also surfaces high-priority tasks.

QuotaPath Home

Upon logging in, you’ll see what deals await your approval or have flags or discrepancies. You can also view payouts that are owed. This allows you to efficiently manage and stay on top of your commission program.

Home is also where you can get a pulse on your team’s financial goals.

You can view your teams’ totals earnings, payouts and effective rates and identify trends by filtering by month, quarter or year.

To see value more quickly for customers setting up a trial with QuotaPath, Home will direct you through the steps to get a plan fully up and running in QuotaPath.  This includes how to build your first plan from scratch or from our library of free compensation plan templates, integrate your CRM and invite team members.

Additionally, Home features direct links to our resources, chat, and robust help site for further support.

QuotaPath Integrations

For our second feature, we unlocked new data connections in app to your commission’s source of truth. Now, you can integrate with several new CRM sources, including Copper, Pipedrive, ZohoCRM, and Google Sheets, as well as invoicing systems such as Quickbooks and Stripe. That’s in addition to our existing integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Maxio, and more.

Plus, it will only take 3 steps to sync your CRM deal data and invoicing systems.

That’s right — 3 guided steps. 

  • Choose your integration. 
  • Authenticate it. 
  • Map it. 

Whether you pay commissions at the time the deal closes or upon receipt of the first invoice payment, get up and running with QuotaPath faster to build compensation plans and run payouts well ahead of the next pay cycle. 

About QuotaPath

QuotaPath rallies revenue organizations around their financial goals. Through expert guidance on compensation design and an intuitive platform that automates compensation management, QuotaPath is the smart solution for growing GTM teams looking to run commissions more effectively. Sign up for a free 30-day trial, sync your CRM, and invite your team members to see how you can uplevel and operationalize your sales com processes.

Updated on May, 2023

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