Sales Nerds Live! Ep. 3 recap “Prospecting Tips from a Cold Calling Champ”

sales nerds live with amelia taylor

On Sales Nerds Live Ep. 3, our host and QuotaPath Sales Nerd, Graham Collins welcomed Carabiner Group Account Executive Amelia Taylor to the show!

Amelia recently earned the title “Cold Calling Champion” after winning several LinkedIn Live cold calling competitions put on by RevGenius.

Watch the 35-minute episode below and pay attention to Amelia’s most successful cold-calling greeting, social selling tactics, and how to do “dark social” right. Scroll down for other key takes from episode 3!

Sales Nerds Live! Ep. 3: “Prospecting with a Cold Calling Champ” featuring Amelia Taylor.

About Amelia: A former real estate agent, Amelia today sells and supports the RevOps services of the Carabiner Group. The mom of two lives in Florida and loves to write. She’s also currently reading Jeff Bezos’s book, “Invent & Wander.”

3 key takeaways from Sales Nerds Live! Ep. 3

The cold calling greeting that works for someone else may not work for you

Put down your sales pitch examples pdf! What works well for someone else may not work for you, so you’ll have to experiment with messaging and build a natural flow.

Amelia, for instance, found success asking, “How are you?” after stuttering through the greeting, “May I make a suggestion?” (a line that worked well for a coworker).

It’s human nature for the person on the other line to ask you the question in return, and Amelia uses this as an opportunity to have an honest conversation.

“I answer honestly and transparently about how my day is going,” Amelia said. “If I breakdown my barriers, they’ll break down theirs.”

Then she’ll pivot the conversation by saying, “I have an idea for you.”

Social selling needs to be strategic

Graham mentioned that the social selling tactics he sees entail automated canned messaging after accepting a connection request.

“You have to be extremely strategic,” Amelia said. “Narrow your social efforts to ideal customer profiles based on what funding round they’re on, what industry, and role at the company.”

Use social to build out your champions’ relationships.

Dark social involves a more indirect approach

“It’s not that dark,” Amelia joked.

Dark social means showing up in the online places, communities, and apps where your buyers collaborate with their peers.

“It’s an underground way to find your buyers, but it’s easier than other outbound efforts because they’re already there,” Amelia said.

The key, Amelia said, is to offer resources and deliver value without directly pitching your product. Instead, provide blogs, recommend contacts or solutions at other companies, and establish trust.

For sales tips on follow-ups, getting a quick “huddle” meeting over social, and other selling best practices, watch the entire episode.

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