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QuotaPath makes it easier than ever to streamline and optimize sales performance. Our custom Plan Builder supports all types of comp plans, from Sales Reps to SDRs to Account Management. Our app surfaces meaningful data and insights to help teams sell more, which is why sales folks prefer to use QuotaPath over DIY methods like tracking in spreadsheets.

How convenient would it be if you could then share plans within QuotaPath to every other member on your team with the same commission structure? Good news – with our recent launch of Plan Sharing, you can do just that! It’s easy to get started. Just create a free account, add your first plan, then invite and share it with members of your team.

Ready, Set, Share Plans!

For all the ‘Comp Plan Experts’ out there – this message is for you. We know you probably find yourself in a position of explaining complicated comp plans to those who may not understand. Plan Sharing allows you to help empower others on your team to start tracking their earnings. In just three steps, you can share your plan template with those in your QuotaPath Workspace so they can get started in minutes. No more ad-hoc comp plan tutorials.

The first of many tools for Sales Managers

As a Sales Manager, you’re the key to increasing the effectiveness of your sales team. QuotaPath is an amazing enablement tool! Use Plan Sharing to:

  • Easily onboard new sales reps. Reduce ramp-up time so they can get to selling.
  • Business goals evolve, as do comp plan structures. New comp plan? No problem, input the new one and share it to the team.
  • Never worry about reps making mistakes. Set up plans yourself and blast them out to ensure your team is on the same page.

And this is just the first of many tools to unite sales teams under a shared vision. Next, we will be releasing Teams – a feature that allows you to build custom teams within QuotaPath, see where each member ranks, and all work toward a collective goal.

Check out our FAQ below for more specifics on how Plan Sharing works.

Happy Tracking!

Plan Sharing 101

How do I share a plan?
Who should I share a plan with?
What if I want to share a plan with someone who’s not in my Workspace?
How do I accept a plan?
Can I edit a plan?
What can people I share a plan with see?
I can share plans. Can I share paths?
What if I already have a plan?

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