Team Attainment Leaderboards give sales leaders new motivation tool

team attainment leaderboards in quotapath

To our sales leadership out there, do we have a tool for you! This week, QuotaPath released our latest upgrade to our real-time leaderboards, Team Attainment Leaderboards.

Take that in. Team. Attainment. Leaderboards. 

These new, interactive leaderboards provide leaders with a way to easily visualize and forecast team attainment using conditional color formatting. Now, managers can quickly identify areas of opportunity and be more strategic with their coaching and time as a result. 

team attainment leaderboards
Team Attainment Leaderboards

With Team Attainment Leaderboards, create up to five leaderboards and goals for a given team.

Got an SDR team that’s measured based on meetings booked? Great, set their leaderboard to populate based on the number of demos scheduled. 

Then, for your teams tracked on contract value or annual recurring revenue, base their leaderboards on currency. 

We also made it possible to create leaderboards from different data sources within QuotaPath, like Plan, Path Shared Quota, or Field.  This means more flexibility to build out visualizations fit for your team. For example, if your SDR team is compensated on demos booked and on closed/won bookings, you can create two leaderboards. One that runs based on meetings set and the other from closed/won bookings.

Visualize attainment

 “Scaling sales organizations want the ability to visualize attainment in a way that allows them to understand success or failure ‘at a glance,’” said Co-Founder and Head of Product Cole Evetts.

Our latest changes deliver that — and more.

When reps can easily see where they stand and where their forecasted deals could take them, these gamified views help motivate reps to push forward. Our latest updates provide the clearest, most intuitive reporting UI for reps to date and are much more than a real-time statement report. 

Plus, the new dashboards support leaders with robust reporting to drive the right behavior and results. It’s data they can actually use and turn insights into immediate action. 

“Sales teams are so excited about the new Team Leaderboard functionality,” said QuotaPath Director Sales Sam Manley. “Our prospects have told us how much value it would add for them to be able to see percentage attainment views across their sales reps in a leaderboard style view.”

This update marks QuotaPath’s latest effort to give reps and sales leadership more ownership and insight into their performance and pipeline. 

“Traditionally, ‘commission tracking tools’ aren’t built for sales but for finance,” Cole said. “By investing in a great experience for reps, we have the ability to actually bring ‘commission tracking’ into the sales enablement category, bridge the gap between company and personal financial goals, and provide sales leadership with another tool to drive behavior and results.”

The details

Now, in Team Leaderboards:

  • Create Attainment Leaderboards based on currency (annual recurring revenue) or based on numbers (demos booked)
  • Set leaderboards from different data sources within QuotaPath
  • Gauge quota and percentage of quota attainment using Attainment Index View with conditional color formatting
  • Set multiple leaderboards within a team, each with its own goal
  • Forecast your team’s pipeline 

Existing customers, sit back and relax. Upon your next login, you’ll notice the new leaderboards. Go in and adjust them according to your team!

“I’m confident that this functionality will be a game-changer for sales leaders, sales reps, RevOps, and executives across the board!” Sam said. 

We’re excited to share our latest effort in arming sales leaders with enablement tools that drive behavior and results. To start motivating your team using our real-time, interactive attainment leaderboard, schedule a time to chat with us. 

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