The dos and don’ts of video conferencing backgrounds for sales reps

As the coronavirus pandemic transitioned many industries to remote work, the usage of video software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams skyrocketed. It’s likely that you now spend a good part of your day talking to your team, prospects, friends, and family members over video conferencing software.

There’s something very intimate about inviting people to have a look into your home through a computer screen, so much so, that maybe you’ve avoided taking sales calls with video on. But, you should know that a face-to-face request is 34 times more effective. Sales is all about relationship building, and if you’ve been avoiding it, it’s time to get comfortable with video conferencing.

A virtual background can provide a sense of privacy and show a little brand loyalty and personality on a video conference. Plus, they’re great for hiding a messy office or kids popping their heads into your workspace every 5 minutes. Here’s a list of some dos and don’ts of virtual backgrounds for your sales calls.

The do’s of video conferencing backgrounds

  • Do keep it simple.
  • Do brand your background. Ask your in-house designer, or check out Canva to create one.
  • Do use it to engage your audience. If you’re feeling fancy, use it to highlight a core value, upcoming feature, or a stat that speaks to your audience’s goals.

The don’ts of video conferencing backgrounds

  • Don’t use a distracting background.
  • Don’t use a joke background during a serious meeting.
  • Don’t use a moving or video background.
  • Don’t wear the same color as your background.
  • Don’t use a background if you move around a lot.

Although the don’ts aren’t appropriate for those important calls, they can be a fun, expressive way to engage with your internal team. Check out this great round-up of virtual backgrounds.

Here are some free video conferencing backgrounds to download now:

Blue background with circles

MyPath background

Plain blue background

QuotaPath segments background

Half circle background

Confetti background

Have a great day background

And for all those QuotaPath supporters out there who want to show a little extra love:

Your journey background


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