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EverView cleans up commissions with QuotaPath, sets record sales


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Launched in 1992, the company supports customers from education, hospitality, utility, and more. EverView has grown rapidly over the past 3 years (20 acquisitions, anyone?) and QuotaPath has played a key role in helping their sales team operate at scale.


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When SVP of Commercial Operations Dennis Dube joined EverView in August 2020, 35 compensation plans existed for a sales team of 80. Some of these plans had as many as 12 components. Even more, they tracked their commissions manually.

  • According to an annual survey, EverView sellers spent 2 hours a week calculating commissions
  • 50 percent said they didn’t understand their comp plan
  • Sellers didn’t know how much they would get paid until paychecks dropped

“I got a message on a Saturday while out of town that said if I didn’t approve a commission calculation within the next hour, our sellers wouldn’t get paid on time. It was then that I knew it was time to get a better system in place.”

Dennis OSG

This is Dennis.

Dennis’s career in sales dates back 15 years. He’s an advocate for sellers and strives to improve sales productivity.

“Our team exists to serve sales and help them make the number. The move to QuotaPath freed our sellers to do what they do best which is build better relationships with our customers,” said Dennis.


This is Ron.

Ron Morgan joined EverView a few months after Dennis as Director of Commercial Operations.

“To move at scale, you have to have a system that is easily navigable and quickly implementable,” Ron said.


A tool to support growth

Dennis looked for a tool that’s:

  • User friendly for sellers
  • Quick to organize, implement, and update for their Ops team
  • Integrates with Salesforce easily

After exploring a couple of options, Dennis moved forward with QuotaPath in September 2020.

“The ease to get up and running with QuotaPath was a big plus — that and QuotaPath’s real-time Salesforce integration,” Dennis said.

The impact

Plan unity and visibility

After EverView’s productivity survey revealed a large disconnect between sellers and comp plan understanding, leadership consolidated their 35 plans into 8 in 2021. Then they built out the 8 plans in QuotaPath and gave sellers access to measure attainment and earnings at any time.

Plus, sellers could now toggle between existing closed/won deals and potential earnings on forecasted deals. This enabled them to see what deals would bump them to the next multiplier and motivate them to close those deals faster.

PS: In 2022, EverView dropped from 8 plans to 1.

Seller empowerment

Throughout 2021, Dennis, Ron, and other sales leaders, also focused on fostering a sales culture of accountability.

“From the top down, we consistently communicated the comp plan, the area or vertical our team should be focused on, and directed our sellers to review in QuotaPath what their earning potential could be,” Ron said.

“We had the best sales year in the company’s history.”

The comp plan makeover, seller visibility into future earnings, and a new targeted sales structure led EverView to its highest sales year ever.

  • 70% of team met quota in 2021
  • 20% met 90% of quota

“Our comp plan was easily measured and easily viewed by our sellers in QuotaPath, which drove positive selling behaviors,” Ron said.

EverView achieved record sales in 3 months with QuotaPath

Created understanding and trust around comp plans and commissions

Operated at scale by providing an easy implementable system

Cut total monthly commission calculation time to three hours

Obtained 95% team-wide daily user adoption in QuotaPath

Enabled reps to tie earning potential to obtaining quota

Achieved highest sales year to date with 70% of team hitting quota

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