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Resources to help you with compensation planning

The Comp Plan Recipe that Doubles Rep Productivity and Retention

We discuss standardizing your compensation plan, comp plan best practices, what to do if you don’t have historical data, and how to modify comp plans for new hires with SalesHacker.

Sales comp trends to know in the coming year 2023 graphic with chart

Sales Compensation Trends to Know in 2023

We surveyed more than 300 leaders and sales reps to identify today’s sales compensation trends. From sales commission structure to ownership and rep motivation, we uncover how most organizations handle sales compensation.

Text over green: strategies that work well for one company, or in one territory, won't necessarily work for another: comp plan for new territory

7 tips for building a comp plan for a new territory

Sales territory planning can be tricky, but it’s especially challenging to get new territories right with so many unknowns. The more you know, the easier it is to create territories that deliver results and support your sales reps.

Graham’s Methodology to Compensation Strategy

Meet Graham Collins, QuotaPath’s Chief of Staff and resident sales nerd. He’s held more than 400 strategic conversations with sales and finance leaders about comp plan design strategy.

He’s been an individual contributor, sales manager, SDR manager, and director of SDR. He’s passionate about sales compensation, SDR work, sales management, craft beer, woodworking, and petting dogs.

Step 1: Stage setting

First, I like to learn about your business so I know where to start. Are you a SaaS company? What’s your average contract value? How big is your team? What’s your retention? By knowing the answers to questions like these, I can ensure I’m providing the most relevant advice.

Step 2: Problem definition

What are you trying to accomplish? Most common topics are determining new quotas, distributing compensation plan changes, and needing a general sounding board. But we can talk about anything compensation related!

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Step 3: Actionable advice

To end every call, I try to give advice based on your business and what I’ve seen in similar situations. I make sure this advice is structured in an actionable way, not theoretical concepts.

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