QUOTAPATH VS. EVERSTAGE Choosing between QuotaPath & Everstage

Compensation directly influences your team's earnings and the company's financial health. Choose a strategic and scalable solution that actively boosts sales performance.

Align your compensation strategy to your biz objectives to drive revenue

QuotaPath unites your cross-functional teams involved in sales compensation—RevOps, Finance, and Sales—with robust workflows and enhanced visibility, fostering team motivation. Our intuitive UI streamlines commission management, facilitating everything from plan setup to precise calculations, seamless payouts, and comprehensive reporting.
With expertise in compensation and agile software performance, QuotaPath scales alongside your business, empowering you to tackle even the most intricate compensation challenges.

We’re a sales compensation leader

Everstage vs QuotaPath

No Trial
Free to try
Non-transparent Pricing
Custom Reporting
Click-heavy and complex integration setups
Transparent Pricing
No Mobile App
Self guided integration setups with CRMs, ERPs, data warehouses, and more
Performance laggers and lack of consistent customer communications
Mobile views
Consistent performance and de-bugging updates quarterly to customers
Plan Modeling
Role-based Home Dashboards to surface pending tasks & Updates

Top companies have chosen QuotaPath

“A major game-changer for me is the ease in which I can onboard a new team member. With our rapid growth, efficiency and accuracy here is a must. Assigning a plan, quota, and rate in QuotaPath saves me about 30 minutes per employee.”

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Why customers choose QuotaPath

Comp Plan Measurement & Modeling

Empower your revenue team to measure and model the cost and performance of their GTM team’s compensation plans.

Gain confidence in your compensation structures by accessing real-time attainment health, identifying performance anomalies, and predicting new plan costs in a centralized platform. Optimize your team’s success with streamlined insights.

Build sales accountability and ownership

When you democratize earnings data, you give leaders and individual contributors ownership and accountability for their sales compensation. Equip them with a system that allows them to answer their compensation-related inquiries. Illustrate how their earnings are computed and emphasize which aspects of their compensation plans generate the most significant earnings, such as multi-year deals or deals involving ideal customer profiles.

Enable them to conduct what-if scenarios and visualize pipeline effects using our forecasted earnings and attainment views to drive sales performance.

Pricing & support

Learn costs upfront. We offer transparent pricing, making us the only commission tracking app with pricing information readily available on our website. Additionally, we provide a free trial experience and clear onboarding guidance in every package.

When you join QuotaPath, you can also access our comprehensive knowledge center, helpful product videos, live training sessions, and live chat support. These resources facilitate a seamless and efficient onboarding process, ensuring you can start easily and quickly.

Your all-in-one solution for sales commissions

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  • Gain powerful insights into individual & team performance
  • Quit wasting time & money on inaccurate commission calculations

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