QuotaPath helps Muck Rack scale to 100 reps while providing sales comp visibility

Two years into adopting QuotaPath’s HubSpot integration, Muck Rack saves time and reduces errors by standardizing compensation processes for Revenue, Ops, and Finance.

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In December 2020, Muck Rack, a Public Relations Management platform, implemented QuotaPath’s sales compensation management software for 50 users with our native HubSpot integration. With QuotaPath, it gained accuracy and alignment and introduced visibility into its commission payout process.

Over the past two years, they’ve more than doubled their revenue-generating team while adopting some of QuotaPath’s newest tools along the way and adding them into their daily revenue practices and new hire onboarding.

Below, meet the person who brought QuotaPath to Muck Rack, Senior Business Manager, Business and Data Operations Katie Cooper, and learn how Muck Rack scaled with the help of QuotaPath.

“When you scale a team, comp structures start to contain different elements. QuotaPath offers the ability to take what you have in the system and build on it, so that when you have a slightly tweaked plan or a new teammate, you can build a new plan and assign accordingly in three minutes versus an hour.”

Katie Cooper, Muck Rack, Senior Business Manager, Business and Data Operations

How Muck Rack leverages QuotaPath’s commission management software:

  • Integrates with HubSpot to pull company data, deal data and forecasted earnings directly into QuotaPath
  • Announces monthly commissions to reps by sending a QuotaPath link via Slack
  • Standardizes directions for every rep when it comes to commission questions
  • Quickly builds new compensation plans by editing existing ones within the QuotaPath app
  • Automates commission rates and quota imports for easy data entry
  • Verifies new compensation plans with reps in-app, using Plan Verification
  • Onboards new reps with on-request guided compensation sessions
  • Runs end-to-end approval and processing of commissions

Moving away from manual commission tracking

Before automating with QuotaPath, Katie built out a commission spreadsheet for each rep. This quickly grew cumbersome to maintain as the team expanded. It also failed to provide real-time transparency into existing and future rep earnings, as they had to wait for their spreadsheet.

Plus, when a rep earned a promotion with a new pay structure, Katie had to formulate another spreadsheet from scratch.

“It made sense to pay for actual software that has a scalable system and is easy to reference for everyone involved,” Katie said.

  • Managing multiple spreadsheets
  • Manual, not real-time
  • Room for error
  • Not scalable

Enter QuotaPath

With QuotaPath, she cut the time spent calculating commissions from 5 days to 6 hours for a team of 100 reps. As part of her process, she also began sending a Slack message with a QuotaPath link to announce when commissions are approved.

The best part?

As rep questions arose about their upcoming checks, she provided standardized instructions for every person to check it out in QuotaPath. Then, if something looked wrong, she sent them to HubSpot, because that’s where the data fed from.

  • Days worth of time savings
  • Automation
  • Real-time adjustments
  • Slack notifications
  • Standardization of processes
  • Increased trust

“When I’m reviewing commissions in QuotaPath, I’m not checking to see if they’re right in QuotaPath, I’m checking to see if the deals and fields in HubSpot are correct. Knowing that the data comes from HubSpot is a huge peace of mind. I can trust it.”

Katie Cooper, Muck Rack, Senior Business Manager, Business and Data Operations

More on the QuotaPath HubSpot commission tracking integration

What added to the standardization of how reps addressed their compensation questions was the mirrored fields between QuotaPath and HubSpot. The way in which the deal fields show up in HubSpot is exactly how it reflects in QuotaPath.

“Because QuotaPath and HubSpot share the same fields, I can align my language to what my teams are seeing in HubSpot. So, when I call it an ‘amount’ or ‘close date’ in QuotaPath they know what it means in HubSpot.

“And when they say, ‘This looks wrong in QuotaPath,’ I can ask them if it’s wrong in HubSpot, too. If it is, they can fix it in HubSpot and QuotaPath will automatically adjust as a result.”

This results in improved CRM hygiene.

Ease of use for reps and admins

Katie said the reps have no problem logging in and checking out their existing deals, forecasted commissions, and payouts. This has made it easier to troubleshoot as needed.

Additionally, from the ops and admin side, she doubled down on QuotaPath’s ease of use.

“A major game-changer for me is the ease in which I can onboard a new team member. With our rapid growth, efficiency and accuracy here is a must,” Katie said. “Assigning a plan, quota, and rate in QuotaPath saves me about 30 minutes per employee.”

30 min x 110 team members = 55 hours

Plus, after getting a new system admin set up in QuotaPath, Katie said it took this person only 10 minutes to build a new SDR plan in QuotaPath.

Two years of results

When Katie first started at Muck Rack in 2019, it used to take her a 7 days to manually calculate commissions for a sales team of 10 reps. Now, with a team of 100-plus sellers, the commission process takes 6 hours from start to finish.

She also chalked up significant time savings when it comes to collecting rep sign-off on new compensation plans by adopting our Plan Verification feature. Prior to this in-app tool, Katie approximated spending 2 to 3 hours to manually send mail-merged compensation and goal emails to every rep. Now it only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Plus, by duplicating and editing existing sales compensation plans within QuotaPath, she’s dropped the time it takes to build a new plan from 60 minutes to 3.

Next for Muck Rack and QuotaPath:

Katie hopes next to train up Muck Rack’s Sales Managers on deal validation and approvals within QuotaPath to help offload the work of the system admins.

“I am precious about QuotaPath. Every interaction is quality and helpful. Everyone is kind and smart, and I feel heard and cared for. You are easy to work with from a technology side, but really, really easy to work with from a people side — and that’s so key.”

Katie Cooper, Muck Rack, Senior Business Manager, Business and Data Operations

Two years of results


Katie joins Muck Rack as Sales Ops Manager and manually calculates commissions for 10 reps. It takes 7 days from start to finish.


Muck Rack scales revenue team to 50 reps and adopts QuotaPath and HubSpot integration. Katie directs the revenue team to QuotaPath to address compensation questions and sends an end-of-month QuotaPath link in Slack to announce when commissions are ready.


Katie clocks less than 6 hours a week running commissions end-to-end for 70 reps through QuotaPath. She also earns a promotion to Financial Planning and Analysis Manager. Now, QuotaPath is built into their sales onboarding to review compensation plans and processes.


Muck Rack surpasses 100 reps and Katie earns another promotion to Senior Business Manager, Business and Data Operations. At Katie’s direction, the team begins to utilize QuotaPath’s Plan Verification feature and automated rate and quota imports in another move to improve process efficiency.


Muck Rack plans additional growth as Katie looks to pass deal validation and approvals from her QuotaPath admins to her Sale Managers.

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