PAY SALES COMMISSIONS Streamline your payments process

Simplify closing your books with an automation tool that ensures accurate calculations for commissions. Empower reps with visibility into what and when they're getting paid.

Efficient workflows to pay your team

Automating compensation plan rates, deals, and payout rules in QuotaPath mitigates the need to maintain folders, disparate spreadsheets, and always worrying about version control. Approve deals, schedule payments, create audit-ready reports, and amortize commissions in one workspace in QuotaPath to ensure a smooth, collaborative, and aligned month-end process.

Approve payouts effortlessly

QuotaPath features a multi-step approval payout process with a detailed breakdown of how earnings are calculated at the individual deal level. Find the deal value, total earnings tied to the deal, and which reps will earn commissions from the deal and why.

Then you’ll see all the commissions eligible for payout and which deals have been resolved and overpaid. With filters and bulk actions, you can review and schedule payouts for eligible earnings by date, rep, team, or comp plan.

Eliminate compensation disputes

Instead of addressing a flood of rep questions following commission paychecks, send your reps to QuotaPath’s rep home. Here, reps will see what commissions they can expect and when. Plus they can view their compensation plan eligibility rules, clawbacks or overpayments impacting the payment cycle, and scheduled and past payments in the currency they’re paid in.

If they see any issues, they can flag deals that you can address and track discrepancy resolutions directly in QuotaPath.

Send to payroll

Go into every payment cycle with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your commission calculations are accurate. When it’s time to prepare payroll, create an organized export from QuotaPath in a few clicks to easily upload into your payroll system.

Pay sales commissions accurately and effortlessly

Integrate your CRM, payments and invoicing systems to have confidence that your commissions are based on accurate data and will payout correctly. Give your entire team visibility into these workflows to ensure alignment during each payment cycle.

QuotaPath allows:

Management by plan, rep or date
Deal approvals
Deal details
Payment scheduling
Deal search
Payout eligibility
Clawbacks or overpayments
Commission amortization

65% of companies have had at least one rep quit over comp discrepancies within the past 2 years.

Stay GAAP compliant

QuotaPath helps your organization stay compliant and be audit-ready. With Ledger, you can capitalize commission payouts in accordance with ASC 340 and you can amortize commissions to match expenses with ASC 606 revenue recognition.

How to set sales commission payment terms

Should you pay commissions upon the deal closing or wait until the invoice is paid? Experts weigh in on what to consider when setting payment rules.

Finance and Accounting FAQs

What is a commission clawback?

A commission clawback occurs when you have already paid out a rep’s commission for a deal that is no longer valid to earn commissions. This results in a rep’s paycheck being reduced by the originally paid out commission.

What is ASC 606?

Any company that offers a deliverable, such as a good or service, is technically subject to ASC 606 guidelines. These principles were created by the FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The goal is to make it easier to compare revenue from organization to organization and even industry to industry. In other words, it’s all about simplicity and consistency.

When should I pay out commissions?

Generally commissions are either paid out when a deal is signed or when a customer or client pays. If cash flow is a concern, you may want to pay out when the client pays, but sales reps like to get paid as quickly as possible. So, if you’re trying to keep reps happy, you may want to pay when the deal is signed.

Why is revenue forecasting important?

Revenue forecasting is vital for leaders strategizing and planning out their growth models. It allows you to uncover the why, where, when, and how of sales performance and use that information to shape future management decisions.

How do you forecast revenue?

Analysts typically adopt one of four ways to forecast revenue. Two approaches feed from historical data (straight line, moving average), and the other two from observed situations (simple linear regression and multiple linear regression). The simplest to set up and understand is the straight-line method. In the straight-line method, you’ll use historical figures and trends to predict future revenue growth.

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