Smart sales compensation software

Rally your revenue and finance teams around your incentive compensation plans to hit your revenue goals. Reduce confusion, improve accuracy, and drive motivation with a partner that allows your team to:

  • Collaborate in a workspace that is the one source of truth for commissions
  • Get hours back from manually calculating earnings and fussing over discrepancies
  • Receive expert advice and insights into how commission plans motivate seller behavior

Manage sales compensation

Welcome to efficient administration and team clarity.

Scaleable workflows that connect the entire team, including task prioritization and quick success insights. Make adjustments effortlessly and communicate in-app when discrepancies arise.

Improve sales productivity

Enjoy a surge in trust and Closed/Wons.

Forecasting abilities that give reps instant visibility into existing and future earnings on deals in their pipeline.

Accurate commission tracking

Save time and reduce human error with automation.

CRM and other system integrations sync data directly into QuotaPath for real-time, automated sales commissions.

Design sales compensation plans that drive performance

Support for the most complex sales compensation plans

Build custom plans for anyone in your org with variable compensation. Add quotas, rates, tiers, accelerators, bonuses, SPIFs and any other component that encourages reps to sell more.

  • Drop-in monthly kickers, a SPIF, and end-of-year accelerators
  • Roll-up leadership plans, like a VP, director of sales, or sales manager compensation plan
  • Base commissions off more than deal value (demos booked, opportunities opened)

An accessible sales compensation plan building experience

Prepare for an intuitive, step-by-step user experience when you get started.

Our wizard allows for seamless comp plan set up and CRM sync. No need to be an Excel maven to build accurate compensation plans. But, should you need our help, we’ll be there in a flash.

Make sales compensation plan adjustments with ease

Need to add an end-of-the-quarter SPIF, a new role, or change a new hire’s comp plan to adjust for ramp time?

In QuotaPath, simply make these changes without having to call on someone for help.

Powerful Integrations

Run commissions smoothly with our robust native integrations. Automatically pull in data and start tracking and forecasting revenue. Data syncs happen in real-time so your team can stay up to date on earnings and performance.

HubSpot commission tracking


Our 2-way HubSpot commission tracking integration is HubSpot Certified.

salesforce commission tracking


Salesforce commission tracking? Check. Sync data from Salesforce in real-time to automate commissions.

close commission tracking


Pull in deals from Close automatically to run commissions.

zoho commission tracking

Zoho CRM

Integrate Zoho CRM data for commissions and grow your revenue.

copper commission tracking

Copper CRM

Pull in your sales pipeline from Copper to power commissions.

maxio integration


Power financial operations by syncing to Maxio’s Expense Management module.

Comp plan verification & distribution

Once your sales compensation plans are built, distribute them to reps for verification. Reps can sign off in QuotaPath that they understand how they’re being compensated.

Create more transparency around every commission payment and lean on one system for the entire verification workflow.

Approve earnings & flag deals

Simplify your approval process and quickly catch and resolve discrepancies before they hit payroll. Commissions can be reviewed by all stakeholders before closing the books.

Save hours with automated sales compensation software

Sales compensation strategy resources

sales comp plans guide

eBook: Compensation Planning

From setting, calculating, and tracking, create sales compensation plans that reward over performance, drive productivity, and attract and retain talent.

comp plan consultations

Compensation Plan Design Consults

We’ve had hundreds of strategic conversations with sales leaders who are building out comp plans. We’ll work with you to make sure your comp plan strategy is optimized for growth.

quota to on-target earnings ratio calculator

OTE: Sales Earnings Ratio Calculator

Next time you’re building a new quota or comp plan, use this free calculator to ensure your reps’ on-target earnings (OTE) and quotas mirror what they’re bringing in for the business.

It’s time to plan for sales compensation in 2023

Customize one of the 15 most trusted comp plans. We’ll guide you through building the right plan to motivate reps and generate predictable revenue.

Sales compensation FAQ’s

How do I build effective sales compensation plans?

There are three things to consider when building compensation plans. The first is that comp plans should be simple. Make sure they can be explained quickly, and that they don’t involve too many moving parts. The second is that they are logical. You want your comp plans to accomplish the goals your company has set. Lastly, comp plans should be fair. They should be attainable and pay your sales team properly for the work they do.

What are the benefits of sales compensation software?

The three main benefits of sales compensation software include: transparency, error reduction, and motivation. Because compensation information is centralized in a platform, everyone involved in the commission process gains a new level of transparency. Automated math reduces the risks of human error. And when reps have visibility into their compensation and can trust their payouts will be accurate, they are motivated to sell more.

Who is responsible for designing sales compensation plans?

The departments typically responsible for designing sales compensation plans are: sales leadership, revenue operations, and finance. However, the organization responsible for designing sales compensation plans varies as organizations grow. In early organizations, it’s generally sales leadership who designs compensation plans. And in large organizations, this responsibility typically falls to revenue operations teams. No matter who is in charge, it’s important that sales compensation plans are simple, logical, and fair.

Read more about sales compensation strategy in our ebook here.

What is a good SaaS commission structure?

The simplest commission structure for SaaS sales is a flat commission rate, usually around 10%.

But most SaaS commission structures use accelerators to incentivize over performance.
Some organizations use consistency bonuses that pay a set bonus amount for hitting quota every month or quarter. There’s no exact template to a perfect SaaS commission structure, but here’s more reading about standard commission rates for SaaS sales to further your understanding.

What role will compensation design play in motivating my sales representatives?

Compensation design plays a big role in motivating sales reps. A good compensation plan should be easy to understand and designed to drive specific behaviors. And, it should pay reps accordingly. Consider adding accelerators and bonuses to motivate your sales representatives to sell more business or specific types of deals.

How do you calculate sales compensation?

The most common ways to calculate sales compensation are either using a spreadsheet or with commission tracking software like QuotaPath. For simple compensation plans, many people choose to calculate manually using spreadsheets. This method can work for small sales teams, however, it can become too time-consuming and unfeasible. If your sales team is scaling or you have more complex comp plans, using a tool can help you calculate sales commissions automatically. Then you can add that to a rep’s base salary to calculate their total compensation. Sales compensation software automates calculations, provides transparency, and removes mistakes.

What is OTE salary?

OTE salary is an acronym that stands for on-target earnings. On-target earnings is the amount of money you can expect to earn if you hit 100% of your quota. It can be calculated by adding your base salary and any expected bonuses and/or commissions. Here’s more reading on OTE salary, plus some examples.

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