For Finance Teams

Streamline your sales commission process

See the math and trust the accuracy of your commission data with CRM integrations that continuously sync into QuotaPath. Give finance days back to work on strategic matters and provide your sales team with a self-motivating earnings tool.

Increase operational efficiency

Partner with our team of experts to check the health of your existing comp plan, then build your plans directly in QuotaPath using our formula-free builder. Connect your CRM in a few clicks, and watch as deals, earnings, and forecasts immediately populate in a dashboard. Then use Payouts to set up payment rules and export accurate earnings data to run payroll.

Congratulations, budgeting just got easier!

ASC 606 Compliance

Streamline the month-end close process, reduce errors, and maintain clean record keeping.

Ledger equips finance teams to seamlessly capitalize and amortize commission expenses in accordance with ASC 340-40. Use Ledger as a storage unit for commission data and run reports with ease.

Watch quota attainment increase

We built QuotaPath for all stakeholders tied to commissions.

Our rep views give instant visibility into their earnings and allow them to run “what if” scenarios to see how much they can earn within a quota period. Use QuotaPath to provide commission transparency and motivate your sales org. Then watch your quota attainment climb.

With QuotaPath:

  • Quickly design and build compensation plans within the platform
  • Automatically track and calculate deal earnings and quota attainment
  • Use commission projections to create budgets and forecasts quicker
  • Be ASC 606-compliant with commissions recognition and reporting
  • Use Payouts so reps can check payments ahead of payroll, saving the hassle of reconciling future paychecks

Get a tailored demo and see how easy it is to use QuotaPath.