For CEOs

Board-level reporting

Instantly view quota attainments and know exactly how your team is trending toward revenue goals. Pull board-level reporting without having to wait on anyone and identify opportunities that could use a CEO nudge to increase your Closed Wons.

Serve up CEO insights

Have immediate access to your growth team’s performance, ARR, and forecasted revenue by integrating your CRM. Understand what’s driving performance and easily tell your GTM story as it unfolds in real-time.

Save your team time

Automate your compensation process, and save your finance and accounting teams about 17 hours of work every month. Give them more time in the day to focus on strategic business goals while giving your reps an easy-to-use tool to track and forecast earnings.

Build confidence in your compensation plans

Promote understanding of your compensation plans and collect sign-off quickly. Using QuotaPath’s Plan Verification tool, follow along as reps demonstrate and acknowledge new comp plans and adjustments within the platform.

With QuotaPath:

  • Have immediate insights into forecasted revenue
  • Monitor team-wide performance
  • Pull up ARR in realtime
  • Expedite comp plan sign-offs

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