For Finance Teams

Gain clarity and alignment

QuotaPath’s compensation planning and management platform helps you align with sales, streamline commission tracking, and mitigate risks.

It’s time to plan for sales compensation in 2023

Customize one of the 15 most trusted comp plans. We’ll guide you through building the right plan to motivate reps and generate predictable revenue.

Simplify compensation management

It’s easy to make comp plans unnecessarily complicated. QuotaPath helps you build impactful plans, eliminate manual calculations, prioritize tasks to execute payouts, and stay in sync with your sales team. Natively integrate your CRM and invoicing systems for real-time views of quota attainment and forecasts by teams and reps.

Stay compliant and mitigate risk

Streamline the month-end close process, reduce errors, and maintain clean record keeping. QuotaPath Ledger enables your team to seamlessly capitalize and amortize commission expenses in accordance with ASC 340-40. With QuotaPath’s Ledger report, easily export a schedule that you can trace back to relevant inputs and test for accuracy. Learn more about payments & reporting.

With QuotaPath:

  • Quickly design and build compensation plans within the platform
  • Automatically track and calculate deal earnings and quota attainment
  • Use commission projections to easily create budgets and forecasts
  • Get on the path to ASC 606-compliance with commissions recognition and reporting
  • Use Payouts so reps can check payments ahead of payroll and save you the hassle of reconciling future paychecks

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