For Sales Leaders & Teams

We take on commissions, so you can spend time building a winning team

We know you need to move quickly, that’s why we’re removing commissions from your plate so that it never slows you down again. With QuotaPath, automate your commission process to increase sales efficiency, motivate your team, and forecast with ease.

Make it easy for reps to understand what they’ve earned

And what they could earn.

  • Direct CRM integrations to track earnings and deals closed through the month, in real-time
  • Team forecasting to easily test ‘what if’ scenarios for potential payouts

“If you can show a rep that closing one or two extra deals at the end of the quarter will increase their total quarterly earnings by 20%, it really helps.”

— Mike D., G2 Reviewer

Cultivate competition and celebrate team wins

Embrace that feeling of hitting team targets.

Use leaderboards, gamify your sales cycle, set team goals, create SPIFFs, and more.

You have all the views you need to drill down into individual and team performance and see how your reps are tracking towards quota.

Eliminate worries about compensation

Next time you run commissions, every rep will have clear visibility into how their commissions are calculated.

In QuotaPath, reps can see earned amounts for the month broken down by deal, which deals pay the most and which ones advance them to the next accelerator. Plus, if they have a question, instead of coming to you, they can flag the deal in our system to alert your workspace admin of a potential issue.

Less distractions and inconsistencies. No more being stuck in the middle.

Report on metrics and move the needle

Powerful dashboards give you instant access to:

  • Forecast “what if” scenarios
  • View average attainment across teams
  • Project monthly attainments
  • Verify deals and earnings
  • See real-time progress toward goals

Onboard and manage your whole team

Sales Development Reps

Measured on # of demos set

Account Executives

Commission with accelerators

Account Managers

Commission earned for account renewals

Customer Success Managers

Bonus for # of onboardings complete

QuotaPath earnings

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