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In the world of sales, it’s common to receive an incorrect commission check. Most times, it’s not done on purpose, but instead, a mistake occurred along the way. The challenge becomes finding out where and when the error happened, who will fix it, and how to avoid the issue in the future. 

The most common commission error stems from the manual entry of commissions in spreadsheets. Compensation changes, non-standardized compensation plans, lack of transparency, and commission payouts taking a backseat to the standard paychecks also lead to more errors. 

We recognize these issues. We’ve experienced them first-hand and understand how errors within the commission tracking process can lead to inconsistencies and ultimately incorrect commission checks. Our software solves inaccuracies by automating and calculating commissions in real time based on the data that’s in your CRM. Automation makes commission tracking more accurate and transparent for everyone involved in the compensation process, reps included. 

Speaking of reps, when compensation mistakes bubble up, it’s, unfortunately, the rep who bears the burden the most. And that burden takes form in an incorrect commission check.

For those not using QuotaPath (yet), we tapped one of our account executives to offer his guidance on how to check if your commission payment is correct. 

Meet Travis Longden.

He’s worked in sales since 2013 and specifically SaaS sales since 2016. He’s experienced a few incorrect commission checks before, but he’s always had a system in place to double-check the numbers. 

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Outside of cross-referencing your numbers through a spreadsheet, what other steps have you taken to check the accuracy of your numbers? 

Once that mistake happened the first time, I began auditing my paychecks as well by going back through to identify any errors. Outside of spreadsheets and calculations, there’s no real way to audit anything like that. At my previous employer, we had a couple of other sales tools that would have features as to when deals shipped or counted toward my commissions. But honestly, the tool was so complex that putting the time in didn’t warrant the effort into doing it, unless I knew there was a huge difference in my check. 

When you first joined QuotaPath were you still double-checking your numbers? 

It took about 3 months for me to realize I can trust QuotaPath’s commission tool without having to double-check my numbers every week.

How has QuotaPath helped you understand your commissions compared to past processes?

QuotaPath helped me see real-time capabilities. When I close a deal, I can immediately see how it impacts my numbers. With native integrations that update my deal information directly from the CRM, QuotaPath will accurately reflect the deal data. 

About QuotaPath

QuotaPath helps businesses automate and calculate commissions without error while delivering transparency and consistency to earnings data. The easy-to-use dashboard shows Sales, Finance, and executive team quota attainment, commission goals, and to-date and forecasted annual recurring revenue. To see QuotaPath’s real-time analytics, check us out by booking a demo with our team.

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