QuotaPath announces new Copper CRM integration

By Kelly O'Halloran • August, 2022 • 3 mins

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Big news! As of today, QuotaPath offers a native Copper CRM integration.

That’s right, the CRM applauded for its seamless experience and full functionality with Google Workspace has a new commission tool to offer its 30,000+ customers with QuotaPath. 

“A collaboration with Copper was a no-brainer given our shared focus on SMB/mid-market and product philosophies of simplicity and ease-of-use,” said QuotaPath Co-Founder Cole Evetts. “Now we can provide a solution to their customers for a problem every growth team experiences: automating commissions.”

With this integration, Copper users can feed deal data directly into QuotaPath to deliver revenue teams immediate access to their existing and future earnings, total annual recurring revenue, and attainment progress.

“We’re thrilled to announce our new QuotaPath integration and we’re excited for the efficiency and time savings it will offer Copper customers,” said Copper CEO Dennis Fois. “Managing sales commissions can be a manual and painful process, and this integration will bring greater visibility, ease, and organization to our sales, operations, and finance users.” 

Customers of both platforms are also eager.

“QuotaPath has been a great platform for our sales team, providing visibility and accuracy into our sales commissions and compensation process,” said PlaybookUX Co-Founder and CEO Lindsey Allard. “We are excited to use this integration, as it will save us even more time by providing a seamless experience between QuotaPath and our sales data in Copper CRM.”

Learn more about our latest **real-time integration below.

Try the Copper integration with QuotaPath

Ready to automate sales commissions with compensation management software that users love to use? Wonderful, we’re ready to help!

Make your work-life easier by letting Copper and QuotaPath do the heavy lifting. Book a time with one of our friendly team members to learn more. In fact, once you schedule it, send your comp plan over and we’ll build it out in QuotaPath.

Not a Copper user? You should be! Their full CRM functionality directly in Gmail means no toggling between the two platforms, and we love their customer-relationship-first approach. To try Copper for free for 14 days, sign up here

About QuotaPath

QuotaPath automates the sales compensation process for scaling revenue teams. Our team of sales leaders and technology experts offers ​​sales compensation consulting to design plans that drive the right behaviors. Then, we help your team map these out in our platform to automate the entire process. With QuotaPath, give your reps and revenue leaders a tool to forecast commissions and attainment. Let them see real-time commission progress and calculations. Free your finance team from having to build out formulas and offer them a seamless pay approval experience for commissions. 

About Copper

Copper is the CRM of choice for Google Workspace businesses. Copper arms its users with collaboration tools and provides a user-friendly experience to help teams and businesses build long-lasting relationships. It is used across finance, marketing, and sales, automating tasks and statuses for today’s digital-first employees at small-to-medium size companies. Copper is Recommended for Google Workspace, and is used by over 30,000 paid businesses in more than 100 countries..=

** When we say “real-time” integration we mean it. No nightly refreshes. No delays. Enjoy instant access to your earnings potential!

Updated on August, 2022

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