Account Executive Plans

Use the compensation plan templates below to inspire and build your Account Executive commission structures. Some are more fit for early stage companies, entry-level reps, or new territories, while others are better for an enterprise-level rep.

All Account Executive Plans

Account Executive

Milestone Bonus

Works best paired with another compensation plan, but you can run it on its own when you need to throttle growth, such as limited inventory.

Account Executive

Single Rate Commission

This industry agnostic commission plan is simple, straightforward, and great for your first plan.

Account Executive

Commission with Accelerators

The most popular account executive commission structure in SaaS, this plan rewards over performance. Works best when you’re confident about your quotas and targets.

Account Executive

Commission with Accelerators & Decelerators

This comp plan works best when you’re very confident in your targets. But, if you see a lot of variability or seasonality between quota periods, like ecommerce, this won’t work as well.

Account Executive

Commission with Accelerators & Milestone Bonus

If you’re looking to incentivize consistency and have higher velocities of sales, then this is the plan for you.

Account Executive

Commission with Accelerators & Cliff

Cliffs are more common in sales leadership compensation plans, but here is one at the rep-level if you want to set a clear bar of acceptable performance.

Account Executive

Single Rate Commission with Contract Term Multiplier

Looking to increase gross revenue retention? Incentivize multi-year deals with this comp plan.

Account Executive

Commission with Multi-Year Accelerators

Every time your rep adds another year to the contract, they earn a higher commission rate.

Account Executive

Single Rate Bonus (Revenue)

This comp plan works great for businesses with quotas that change throughout the year but the variable remains, like those that sell into education.

Account Executive

Multiple Rate Bonus (Revenue)

Good for high seasonality businesses.

Account Executive

Single Rate Bonus (Quantity)

The perfect compensation structure when you have consistent deal values, like in solar or telecom.

Account Executive

Capped Commission

Please don’t cap commissions. But if you have to, use this plan to derisk the financial costs of variable pay.

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