Account Manager Plans

Use the account manager compensation plan templates below when building your AM commission structures. Consider our company stage and sales velocity recommendations when determining which template to use.

Explore plans by role

For compensation plan examples for a different role, check below for additional templates.

Need more help designing compensation plans?

Our Learning Center features 10+ guides to level up your compensation strategy skills.

Getting started with variable compensation

Building your first sales incentive structure and not where to begin? Start here with these helpful guides.

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Commission & Compensation Management

Learn how to build equitable and fair compensation plans. Curious how to design a plan for a new territory? We got that too.

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Compensation Strategy

Level up your compensation strategy with guides on SPIFs, how to incentivize renewals versus new biz, sales leadership compensation structures, and more.

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Familiarize yourself with commonly used industry compensation terms in our extensive glossary.

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