runZero syncs HubSpot, eliminates commission tracking errors and questions

Sales Founder calls QuotaPath onboarding experience “best I’ve ever had.”

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When their commission spreadsheets began to break, runZero Sales Founder & VP of Worldwide Sales sought QuotaPath’s help. The rapidly scaling company implemented QuotaPath and integrated with HubSpot in March 2022 to automate commission calculations, increase earnings transparency, and remove errors.

How they’re using QuotaPath

  • Automating commissions with HubSpot
  • Tracking team performance
  • Building rep confidence
  • Showcasing rep progress toward goals

“QuotaPath’s onboarding was the best customer service experience that I’ve ever had.”

Jay Wallace, Sales Founder & VP of Worldwide Sales at runZero

The push to automate sales commissions

Last winter, runZero’s Sales Founder & VP of Worldwide Sales Jay Wallace spent an entire weekend with the CEO auditing 100+ deals in their commission spreadsheet following a human error. Technology was the only solution forward.

runZero’s commission software must-haves:

Real-time HubSpot integration


Easy to install


No professional services needed

Spiff vs. CaptivateIQ vs. QuotaPath

Why runZero chose QuotaPath’s sales compensation software

Like runZero, QuotaPath is a SaaS company with a free model, easy interface and fast time-to-value. That was an important factor to Jay as he shopped platforms.

“We buy from companies that look and feel like us. Free trial. Easy to install. No professional services,” said Jay. “The no professional services was a hard requirement.”

Upon signing, QuotaPath immediately partnered with runZero to get their five compensation plans up and synced with HubSpot. Then QuotaPath provided complimentary training sessions to the entire sales team.

“Our Customer Success Rep Josh was so patient with us. He made strong recommendations in HubSpot that led to a better output with QuotaPath. He really went above and beyond.”

Jay Wallace, Sales Founder & VP of Worldwide Sales at runZero


runZero started their onboarding with QuotaPath four days post signing the contract agreement. Their team was fully ramped and began automating commissions in less than 2 months.
It’s been 24 weeks, and Jay and his team have yet to experience a sales compensation error.

QuotaPath unlocked for runZero:

  • Commission transparency
  • Ability to forecast earnings based on pipeline
  • Real-time visibility into attainment and goal
  • Automated sales comp payouts
  • Rep ownership over commissions

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