Why this leader re-designed her sales comp plans and automated commission tracking

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As part of our series highlighting leaders who replaced manual commission tracking with QuotaPath’s automated commission tracking, we turn to RoverPass’s Director of Sales Kristen O’Hara. Her story differs from the other two, as she joined RoverPass after they bought QuotaPath. To fully optimize the platform, she reshaped her team’s compensation plans to drive sales performance and better align with QuotaPath.

A good sales compensation plan encourages the right sales behaviors and gets your ideal customers through the door.

When one — or neither — of those things happen, a new comp plan may be in order.

That’s why Kristen O’Hara’s first priority upon her arrival at RoverPass in July 2021 involved redesigning their compensation plan. 

Prior to her joining, RoverPass reps earned commissions based on earned revenue. This approach required heavy manual manipulation and significant work in spreadsheets. It also failed to incentivize positive sales behaviors, Kristen said. 

“We weren’t getting the right fit customers in our door, and it was impacting our ability to onboard,” said Kristen.

Additionally, the company had purchased QuotaPath a month before Kristen signed on. Due to the comp plan design, however, the revenue team hardly made use of it.

Then came Kristen’s comp plan makeover. 

Today, RoverPass, a campground reservation system and online booking marketplace, has five compensation plans. Kristen modeled these plans for four sales development reps (SDR), a market manager that oversees them, two account executives (AE), and a sales manager.

“We created a plan that incentivizes volume and targets the right customer — not just the biggest dollar customer. The new plans focus on when the deal closes rather than when the property goes live on the site.”

Kristen O’Hara
Director of Sales, RoverPass

Kristen’s move to change up the comp plans also solidified QuotaPath in RoverPass’s sales tech stack.

“Re-modeling the plans to fit in QuotaPath is the best thing I’ve done,” said Kristen. “I used to spend a day running commissions, now I’m done in an hour through QuotaPath.”

Plus, her reps now have full visibility into their existing and potential earnings and in real-time, thanks to QuotaPath’s integration with their HubSpot CRM.

Life’s been good since automating commissions through QuotaPath. 

To learn more about her QuotaPath experience, we asked Kristen a few more questions. 

Meet Kristen

Kristen O’Hara fell into sales when a friend invited her to run their business development team. At the time, she had been working in operations, branding, and marketing. Yet she made the shift and has continued in sales for five years now. Today she leads a growing sales team at RoverPass as Director of Sales.

As a sales leader, Kristen focuses on hiring the right people and then providing them with the right tools, support, and opportunities for advancement. 

What other changes did you make to your comp plan?

Kristen: We also changed from having territories and just AEs to having AEs, SDRs, a lead-based model, and no territories. The new plan consists of monthly, quarterly, and annual commissions. Using QuotaPath’s integration with HubSpot, the monthly data feeds over from HubSpot and directly into QuotaPath. This allows reps to track where they’re at, know how much they’re going to make at any given time, and forecast what they should shoot for to hit target.

Sounds like your team is scaling. What type of growth are you experiencing?

Kristen: RoverPass is well over 40 employees now, and on the sales side, we continue to grow. We’re hiring fantastic people that exemplify our company values. We’re also moving people up quickly. The SDR role specifically receives training to be an AE within six to 12 months of onboarding through a 4-step process.

How has QuotaPath been the right tool for automated commission tracking?

Kristen: The best value about QuotaPath is it just does its job seamlessly. It’s taken so much weight off of me. It gives the reps the ability to see where they’re tracking very easily when they log in. We don’t even have to train them on it. Reps can jump in and figure it out on their own. It’s so easy to use!

Could you ever go back to running commissions in a spreadsheet?

Kristen: No. As a software company, there’s software to make your life easier. Take advantage of that when you can. I love QuotaPath. My entire experience has been really great, and the account management team is amazing!

Final Thoughts

We know separating from your trusted spreadsheets can be difficult. Re-designing a comp plan can pose an even bigger challenge. Good thing we can help with both. 

To learn more about QuotaPath’s automated commission tracking and sales comp plan strategy sessions, chat with us today

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