Wazoku Streamlines Commission Management Across Continents

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Chief Operating Officer Sarah Counts took over Wazoku’s QuotaPath implementation with HubSpot in Spring 2022. With “truly excellent support” from QuotaPath’s customer experience team, Sarah and her team built Wazoku’s 13 comp plans, led training sessions, and quickly grew team-wide adoption above 75% in the following weeks.

Headquartered in London, Wazoku is an idea management platform. The AI-powered innovation solution enables collaborative idea generation so teams can transform a good suggestion into a well-executed, market-ready reality.

Manage Multi-currency Commissions

Run compensation more accurately and effectively when overseeing revenue teams from different countries and contintents.

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Improving Sales Performance Using Quota Path

A SaaS tale as old as time, Sarah wasn’t the person who purchased QuotaPath. Rather, she inherited QuotaPath from the prior CRO, who had delayed implementing it. 

But with a revenue team lacking confidence in how they earned commissions, Sarah and Wazoku’s new operations assistant, Dennis Estillero, took it upon themselves to partner with QuotaPath and bring understanding and transparency to compensation. 

With guidance from QuotaPath’s Customer Experience (CX) team, Dennis and Sarah restructured Wazoku’s comp plans for Q2 and wrapped onboarding for the entire team. 

Now, “We’re using QuotaPath pretty damn well,” said Sarah.

That’s not bad for a quick turnaround from “still-in-the-box” to nearly whole-team adoption in a matter of weeks. 

“I’ve also started using the Team functionality, which is helpful because one of our key results on the revenue team is that everyone is at 100% of quota,” Sarah said, adding that she separates views for her U.S. and U.K. teams to accommodate currencies. “With QuotaPath, I can use the Team pages to see where they are at their quotas and view the total team quota.”

And, despite managing to workspace within QuotaPath and currencies, Sarah’s commission process has grown increasingly more efficient. 

“I do our month-end process the first week of a new month, look at our earned commission report, and send it to the accounting team so they can spread the cost across our budget,” Sarah said. “Then, when it comes to run commissions, Dennis runs approvals, I check over it, and send one export to reconcile everything,” said Sarah.

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Sync HubSpot and QuotaPath

Wazoku integrated HubSpot with QuotaPath for accurate data to calculate and forecast earnings and attainment.

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White Glove Support

However, Sarah credits much of their success with the platform due to the attention and care of QuotaPath’s CX team.

Sarah praised QuotaPath’s solution-oriented, white-glove support for setting them up for success and offering guidance for Wazoku’s cross-Atlantic locations.

The level of support was excellent,” Sarah said. “By comparison, we signed up for a new billing platform while onboarding with QuotaPath. Dennis and Lucy on my team were on back-to-back calls with the billing platform and QuotaPath. When we got off that call with the other company, we were like, ‘Oh my god. The difference is black and white.’”

We’d walk away with solutions. Truly excellent support,” Sarah added. 

Sarah also enlisted the help of QuotaPath Chief of Staff Graham Collins, who runs compensation consultation calls, to design simple, logical, and fair comp plans for Wazoku’s 13 compensation structures.

“Graham had some excellent, creative ways to design a plan,” Sarah said.  “In the end, we designed a different one than what we showed him, but the new one was very similar to what he included. He gave me good insight into the right things to incentivize and pointed us to QuotaPath’s calculator resources to help.”

Scalable, User-Friendly

With a new taste of automated commissions, Sarah is unlikely to return to spreadsheets. 

“Spreadsheets are not scalable. There’s no platform. No system of record with different levels of access,” Sarah said. “We want people to see their projected earnings, we want to make it competitive, and we want to make it really easy to compare our recognized or earned commissions to what we’re paying out.”

Plus, it’s making Sarah’s job more manageable.  

“QuotaPath has made my job way easier,” Sarah said. “It’s made things more transparent, and our comp plans are way more organized. It’s a much quicker process.”

It doesn’t hurt that she’s a fan of the QuotaPath team, either.

“You take good care of your people. You’ve helped me be successful without trying to penny-pinch, so I have more brand loyalty,” Sarah said. “If I were going to another business, I would explore QuotaPath just knowing I’ve worked with you and how you treat your customers.”

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Wazoku built 13 new compensation plans, trained and onboarded their team, and quickly grew team-wide adoption to above 75% in the following weeks with QuotaPath’s support.

Through QuotaPath’s Team pages, Sarah and her team can track individual progress toward their 100% quota attainment target while streamlining compensation management for two continents and currencies.

When asked if they could ever return to spreadsheets, Sarah said, “Our CFO is a whiz with Excel. He can do it all. The problem is that spreadsheets are not scalable. If he got sick or something happened, then what? There’s no platform. No system of record with different levels of access.

QuotaPath has made my job way easier. It’s made things more transparent, and our comp plans are way more organized. It’s a much quicker process. I would not return to a spreadsheet now that we have this.” 

To learn more, schedule time with our team. 

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