New Feature Release Increases Adaptability in Commission Software

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I’ll be the first to admit that we weren’t the perfect commission-tracking tool when we launched QuotaPath in 2018. However, it was never about “perfection” but rather about aligning with the “perfect” customer. Today’s launch does just that.

We started QuotaPath to simplify commissions and address broken compensation processes that compromised paying reps correctly. But simplifying a process that should be as dynamic as their teams wasn’t enough—something we identified from thousands of customer conversations over the years. 

Instead, we needed to improve QuotaPath to adapt to scaling organizations and offer the most flexible, intuitive platform that evolves alongside our customers.

This marks a pivotal moment for QuotaPath and our customers.

We’re thrilled to announce broad enhancements that make our platform the most adaptive in the market, empowering you to embrace change and growth confidently.

Now, Sales Managers have full visibility into their own attainment, even as reps move between teams. Our Dynamic Team Assignments make that a reality, updating quotas automatically to eliminate tedious manual adjustments.

Plus, compensation workflows flex to fit your precise needs. 

With Multi-Level Approvals, you can customize workflows for reps, managers, execs, and finance, ensuring the right eyes are on each deal at the right time. 

These are just a few of the ways we’re ushering in a new era of adaptability.

mapping manager data syncs in quotapath
Build, Save, and Re-Use Data Mapping Logic with QuotaPath’s New Mapping Manager

We’ve also expanded our integrations to include Xero and Microsoft Dynamics and launched a new app on the Salesforce AppExchange that embeds earnings data directly where reps work. 

The result is a centralized, friction-free experience that keeps everyone aligned.

The impact is real, which we can attest to personally. 

Since rolling these out internally at the beginning of the year, our own sales team has seen:

  • 20% improvement in quota attainment
  • 10 hours per month saved on comp plan administration
  • 25% increase in the team’s eNPS

At its core, QuotaPath empowers you to build comp plans that are as dynamic as your business—plans that motivate reps with transparency, keep pace with growth, and scale with you. We’re committed to being your partner on that journey today and in the future.

Come see for yourself…

Streamline commissions for your RevOps, Finance, and Sales teams

Design, track, and manage variable incentives with QuotaPath. Give your RevOps, finance, and sales teams transparency into sales compensation.

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