QuotaPath named sales compensation management leader by G2

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QuotaPath users recognized our solution as a sales compensation management leader in the space once again via G2 rankings.

Recently, the peer-to-peer user review platform awarded QuotaPath a series of badges in the Sales Compensation category. These included Users Love Us, which we earned after collecting 20 4.0-star reviews, and Easiest to Do Business With. 

Our approach to sales compensation management allows go-to-market teams to run a more efficient and accurate sales process. With real-time data syncs and personalized dashboards, QuotaPath forges a deeper understanding of earnings, forecasted commissions, and quota attainment. As a result, our approach and technology have led to more motivated teams and higher team attainment.

Before sharing our new badge list, we want to thank our users who rely on us for accurate commission tracking. Without your feedback and your ability to recognize QuotaPath’s capabilities, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, thank you!

Our goal

Since 2018, it has been our goal to ensure reps understand their earnings and the impact the next deal has. As we grow, we will continue to support commission necessities and expand to support the entire compensation process.

In the past year alone, we grew our feature set by more than 100 percent. Much of these additions came at the request of our customers. These new features fostered in-app collaboration while building out technical intricacies to support more complex plans. We will continue to listen carefully and grow alongside the scaling teams we support. 

Furthermore, fresh off the heels of a $41 million Series B, we remain committed to our mission and users. Sales compensation leaves a lot of room for error in comp plan design and throughout calculations and payouts. We aim to fix it. Looking ahead, we’ll drop new resources that minimize errors at the beginning, middle, and end stages of the compensation process. Stay tuned!

Additionally, we’ll double down on the six key areas where QuotaPath stands out in the sales compensation management space. 

Why QuotaPath is a sales compensation management leader

1. Reps can easily learn and pickup the platform.

First, our Dashboards, Earnings, and Attainment views give sellers the ability to see their earned and forecasted commissions in real-time. This ease of use lends itself to high adoption rates amongst sales teams. In fact, we see reps pull up QuotaPath immediately after closing a deal to check their commissions and attainment. 

“Reps can jump in and figure it out on their own. It’s so easy to use!” said RoverPass’s Director of Sales Kristen O’Hara

2. Reps can forecast future commissions.

Secondly, money often acts as the leading motivator for sales reps. We created QuotaPath with exactly that in mind. Using our sales commission software, reps can see how deals in their pipeline translate to future dollars earned. 

“Our reps realized they could run scenarios and see how much they could earn from our monthly kickers,” said Blackthorn VP of Sales Joe St. Germain.

As such, Joe’s reps pushed harder to bring in deals now, versus letting deals linger into the next month. A record year of sales for the Blackthorn team followed.

3. Fast implementation and integration syncs.

In addition to QuotaPath’s ease of use in the platform, we designed our integration syncs to be set up quickly.

Our set-up wizard enables first-time users to integrate their CRM in 4-steps and build out comp plans and rules. 

For example, Tribe Dynamics set up QuotaPath and their HubSpot integration within one week of their demo. 

4. Actual native integrations with CRMs vs. manual refreshes.

Speaking on integrations. QuotaPath’s robust platform has a unique offering with multiple native integrations and an open API. Native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Close CRMs ensure the accuracy of the data without the need to double-check. Users don’t have to refresh the page. This may not seem like a big deal today, but at the end of the quarter, it is. 

If your sellers and Finance currently track and calculate commissions manually, these native integrations act as an incredible time saver.

Just ask Katie Cooper at Muck Rack, who used to spend one week calculating commissions for a team of 10. Today, she runs commissions in less than six hours for a team of 70. 

5. Pricing transparency and no implementation fees. 

Our new G2 badge, “Easiest to do Business With,” reflects our transparency around pricing. Our pricing model includes never charging implementation fees. 

We offer three pricing packages — including a free version — that can scale with teams. 

6. Assistance with compensation planning strategy.

As mentioned above, our focus this year centers on supporting teams through compensation design. We will continue to share resources and modeling tools to help. However, in the meantime, book a one-on-one call with our Resident Sales Nerd Graham Collins.  

These six differentiators have contributed to our recent badge work on G2. Take a look at our Spring recognitions below. 

G2 Spring Recognitions

  • Most Implementable: Fast onboarding. Easy to learn. That’s us!
  • Best Results: Implement QuotaPath, see immediate time-to-value.
  • Best Relationship: Our team won’t let you fall through the cracks. We’ll be by your side the entire time.
  • Leader (Small-Business): High ratings in sales compensation? That’s us.
  • Fastest Implementation (Mid-Market): We have the shortest go-live time in our category and average onboarding times of less than two weeks.
  • Easiest Admin (Small-Business & Mid-Market): A callout to our intuitive design and set-up wizard.
  • Momentum Leader: Not us ranking in the top 25% of our category? Why yes, yes it is.
  • Easiest To Do Business With (Mid-Market): If you haven’t met our team yet, you should
  • Easiest To Use (Small Business): The most common feedback we hear from our customers is “It just works.”
  • High Performer: Our customers reported high customer satisfaction scores. Probably because a lot of the teams we’ve worked with have seen immediate increases in sales productivity

In closing, users have consistently expressed love for QuotaPath and our ability to both save time and motivate their teams.

If you want to see what the hype is all about, we’d love to chat with you! Book a time with our awesome team. And, see how QuotaPath can help with your sales commission tracking and compensation management today. 

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