Customer story: How ExecVision uses QuotaPath to empower the sales team

By Darby Dupre • November, 2019 • 4 mins

Interview with Jacquie Bigot, ExecVision

As a seasoned sales pro, Jacquie Bigot knows just how important it is to stay on top of tracking sales performance. As an Account Executive at ExecVision, a sales coaching and conversation and intelligence platform, Jacquie’s role is all about juggling – bringing in new business, landing and expanding, strengthening relationships with current clients. With so many deals and upsell opportunities, she was stoked to find a tool like QuotaPath to help manage her pipeline, set goals, and track her earnings and attainment.

After saving time and seeing success with QuotaPath, Jacquie invited her teammates to join in on the action. The SDR and sales team now have visibility into team goals and use the leaderboard to stay engaged in friendly competition. Steve Richard, ExecVision Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, was amazed to find that the use of QuotaPath had spread throughout the entire sales organization.

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What is ExecVision?

ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform that helps sales organizations record, transcribe, analyze, and store sales calls. Their platform takes a big pile of call recordings and helps extract meaningful insights to onboard and coach sales reps. This is great for new sales hires as it decreases ramp time and adopts top-performing sales behaviors. For managers, they know who their training efforts are resonating with and which sales reps to focus their time on.

As an Enterprise Account Executive, Jacquie Bigot focuses on bringing in new business as well as landing and expanding within ExecVision’s enterprise accounts. She offers strategic input that helps strengthen connections with her accounts to ensure they are consistently finding value.

Using QuotaPath to visualize and track personal and organizational goals

As ExecVision scales, sales goals can change quarterly or even monthly. Prior to QuotaPath, the team didn’t have a place to visualize goals across the organization. With revenue in mind, they needed a way to align against greater common organizational goals so they could work together and see how each individual was contributing. This is where QuotaPath comes in.

In QuotaPath, Jacquie spends most of her time looking at her attainment and earnings. She checks things like where she stands against her goals, quarter over quarter, and uses insights to understand what needs to be done to make sure she’s pulling in the right number and size of deals each quarter. Being that the majority of her deals are larger, enterprise accounts, QuotaPath makes it easy to know where she should be focusing her efforts.

“QuotaPath has been critical to help figure out how I’m tracking against not just my own personal goals and quota attainment, but also understanding how I’m contributing and bringing success to the organization.”

— Jacquie Bigot

How QuotaPath saves ExecVision time and motivates

QuotaPath has been a huge time saver for Jacquie. With all of her sales data in one place, she doesn’t have to spend time pulling reports in Salesforce, she’s not scrambling to see how she’s comparing to everyone else, and she can always refer to the Attainment Dashboard to figure out where she and her team are against their goals.

With everything in one centralized place, Jacquie can track her past performance and knows how many deals she needs to bring in to hit her quota. This process is much faster than before QuotaPath.

A preview of QuotaPath’s team Attainment Dashboard

A sales performance management solution that works for the whole team

Jacquie has pioneered the rest of the ExecVision sales organization to QuotaPath–both the SDR and sales team are using the QuotaPath Teams feature to track attainment and they use leaderboards to increase friendly competition and boost morale. She says having this type of data easily accessible is helpful to stay on top of how everyone is ranking.

The team also uses QuotaPath during their onboarding process to help ramp up new hires. New sales team members can see what closing a deal means in terms of actual attainment in a very real way.

Jacquie recognizes the benefits of QuotaPath beyond ExecVision. As an active person in the sales community, she regularly attends conferences and events and is always excited to send sales folks to the QuotaPath platform. She thinks QuotaPath is great for high performers or sales teams that are are in need of some positive cultural change and motivation.

When we asked Jacquie what she’s most excited for, she quickly replied the release of the upcoming Salesforce integration and the added level of adoption it will bring to her team.

Updated on November, 2019

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