Scaling Up with QuotaPath’s Data Flexibility and Integration with More Systems

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QuotaPath’s new integrations and field calculator provide even more flexibility within our sales compensation management app so that you automate commissions faster and on your terms. 

We understand the importance of meeting our users where they are today within their existing tech stacks.

Hence, we’ve broadened QuotaPath’s integration scope to include more applications and enabled data transformation through straightforward formulas with our new Calculated Fields feature. Moreover, we’ve created processes and UI that make both releases self-serve to remove the guesswork of setting up integrations and manipulating data once up and running.

Read on for the specifics, and look for more releases that help you test, model, and manage sales compensation more effectively and efficiently next month.


Our new self-serve integrations allow you to add and edit the tech connections fundamental to your commission process, including data warehouses, spreadsheets, business analytics, and payment and ERP systems. 

New integration sources:

  • Chargebee
  • Excel
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Looker
  • JobAdder
  • Keap
  • Leaflink 
  • Maxio (Chargity & SaaSOptics APIs)
  • Netsuite
  • Smartsheet 
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau

We continue to increase our customers’ ability to scale and manage their commissions and payouts by building connections to various systems where commission and payment information can live. 

Regarding future integrations, we will continue to look to our customers to prioritize our strategy and ensure we develop valuable integrations with tools that allow them to manage the connections themselves (or with our help as needed). 

Field Calculator in QuotaPath

Field Calculator

As a result of our integration upgrades, we can now offer Calculated Fields in QuotaPath, a request from our customers to manipulate data from their integrations directly in-app.

For context, the systems used to calculate compensation have been designed for other business needs, such as CRMs for managing customer relations during and after the sales process. Because of this, when it comes to calculating earnings, data from these original deal sources often needs adjusting. This leads to a manually intensive method or more fields to manage within the CRM when you go to automate commission payouts with a platform like QuotaPath. 

Let’s look at annual contract value for multi-year deals, for example.

Your CRM will reflect the total contract value and the term length fields. However, compensation for the deal is based on the annual contract value. So, to get that number, you must divide the contract value by the term length. 

Instead of adding a field to calculate it or running a spreadsheet external to our app, you can transform this data with our Field Calculator by entering a simple formula. This allows users to quickly divide, multiply, add, or subtract fields to get Monthly Recurring Revenue, Annual Contract Total, and more, saving your Ops team time and maintaining the integrity of your data in your deal record system. 

As part of this release, we also launched additional fields so that you can add more context per deal to speed up earnings approvals and payouts. Need to check term length or region when approving earnings? No problem. You can add up to 20 fields per integration source and customize your deals and payout view with these new fields. 

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More from QuotaPath

In conclusion, our latest enhancements signify our ongoing commitment to empowering users with greater flexibility and efficiency in sales compensation management. With the introduction of new integrations, users now have the autonomy to seamlessly integrate essential tech connections, ranging from data warehouses to ERP systems, aligning with their unique commission processes.

Moreover, our revamped integrations and improved performance and data flexibility ensure enhanced control and reporting capabilities. Notable enhancements include reduced data load times, expanded syncing options, and the ability to pull commission data from up to three years back, enabling users to drive sales performance and model future compensation plans effectively.

The introduction of the Field Calculator addresses a longstanding need for manipulating data for commission calculations without compromising data integrity. By allowing users to build simple formulas within QuotaPath, operations teams can save time and maintain accurate records, transform their data in QuotaPath, and streamline the commission calculation process.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, QuotaPath remains dedicated to delivering solutions that empower users to test, model, and manage sales compensation more effectively and efficiently. 

Stay tuned for more updates next month as we strive to enhance your QuotaPath experience further.

Can’t wait? Schedule time with our team to learn how QuotaPath can improve your compensation strategy and process. 

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