Unlocking Team & Plan Potential with New Compensation Reporting and Modeling

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Finally, a way to analyze and predict the impact and cost of your sales compensation structures.

QuotaPath’s new compensation reporting and modeling tools enable leaders to measure and model the business value and performance of their revenue teams’ comp plans. 

See real-time attainment health, identify performance anomalies, and predict new plan costs in one place to optimize your team’s success and gain confidence in your compensation structures.

Instead of scenario modeling through a series of compensation spreadsheets and reporting on deal, earnings, and attainment data from your CRM and payroll platforms — leaders can now reference, report, and predict plan performance directly in QuotaPath.

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Measure and Predict Compensation Costs

QuotaPath’s new reporting and modeling tools arm Finance and Revenue leaders with the insights they need to analyze and predict the cost and performance of comp plans.

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Need to double-check if your senior account executives deliver payback compared to your junior reps to justify their larger on-target-earning packages? We got you. 

What about the health of your team’s attainment? Are reps closing deals evenly throughout the year or sandbagging until the end? Our attainment reports and visualizations make it easy to quickly identify and act on problematic or questionable performance. 

Then, when making plan adjustments or introducing a compensation plan (new territory, role, product, or service), leverage QuotaPath’s modeling tab to estimate how much your proposals would cost the business based on your team’s previous performance. When you’re ready to collaborate with Finance to test and finalize your structures, export your proposal to Excel to further evaluate.

Below, learn more about these huge enhancements in QuotaPath.

Flexible and customizable reporting now in QuotaPath

Custom Reporting

Historically, it’s been a challenge for revenue leaders to measure the impact of their compensation plans, often leading to misalignments between comp plans and business objectives. That’s because the data typically lives disparately across spreadsheets, in CRMs, and in payroll systems. 

39% of revenue leaders admit comp plans fail to align to biz metrics

From our 2024 Sales Compensation Trends Report

This disconnect has made it hard to calculate and show the overall commission costs relative to the business value of your sales team. 

That is — until now. 

Our new custom compensation reporting pulls your deals and earnings data and organizes it into digestible visuals, so you have what you need to inform and drive sales performance. 

For instance, using our reports, you can evaluate trends affecting quota attainment to optimize your sales strategy by looking into: 

  • Changes in attainment over time (any seasonal fluctuations?)
  • Earnings over time by person, by quarter, and by plan component (How much did you pay a rep during this quarter last year according to a specific avenue to earn commissions?)
  • Distribution of attainment levels (is there a recommended bell curve of performance or clusters of high and low performers?) 
  • Overall attainment over time (are attainment levels trending up or down?)
  • Identify quota consistencies and inconsistencies across performers
  • Which products or services are easier or harder to sell, what is their impact on attainment levels, and does this change over time?
  • Are high-attaining products also the most profitable to your org. and your reps?
  • Do your high-performers generally close larger deals? 

This data will help you determine coaching opportunities, incentive strategies, product and pricing prioritization, quota and territory planning, and more. 

Identify outliers between deal earnings and value; measure how a plan component performed (for example, did that SPIF you added last month deliver results?); and understand how much your organization compensates by deal to get a pulse on customer acquisition costs (CAC). 

One of the most meaningful reports for Sales and Finance Leaders is the ARR vs. Deal Earnings one, which compares the two, plus the number of people being paid, and the sum of their payouts. This helps leaders determine if they’re paying too many people on one deal.

Manipulate and visualize the data that’s most important to your organization. Similar to what you see in Salesforce and Excel, our flexible reporting options enable you to set different measures, filters, and distances and select from more than 15 visual graphs to inform your analysis. 

Favorite Reports Use Internally at QuotaPath

  • Total earnings by rep
  • Quota attainment by rep
  • Deal earnings by plan
  • Earnings by rep by path
  • CAC layer cake
QuotaPath’s new Compensation Plan Performance Modeling tool

Plan Performance Modeling

The reporting functionality is great for existing and past compensation plans, but what about future ones? QuotaPath now offers plan modeling through a dedicated tab called Plan Performance Modeling (PPM) to support and test your comp plan design process.

That’s right. 

Model plans or upcoming adjustments to plans without building a formula-filled spreadsheet.

PPM allows QuotaPath users to forecast your new plan’s potential cost and revenue value dynamically based on attainment within our app. 

With PPM:

  • Estimate the annual incentive earnings for your team on their new plan and annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Calculate revenue potential and cost of commissions for different attainment levels of the plan
  • Display graphs to see tipping points for accelerated earnings 
  • Set up different attainment scenarios without adjusted formulas using slider visuals to estimate earnings and ARR
  • Test quota attainments and plan components (kickers, accelerators, decelerators) to see what impacts the total costs of commissions and revenue

Be confident that your new plan structure is fair and logical — and won’t break. 

Streamline commissions for your RevOps, Finance, and Sales teams

Design, track, and manage variable incentives with QuotaPath. Give your RevOps, finance, and sales teams transparency into sales compensation.

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Learn more about QuotaPath’s Compensation Reporting and Modeling

Ready to ditch the spreadsheet swamp and dive into data-driven compensation? QuotaPath’s new custom reporting and modeling features take the guesswork out of your sales incentive strategy.

Stop settling for misaligned plans and questionable performance. 

See it all in one place: real-time attainment health, performance anomalies, and new plan costs. Optimize your sales engine, motivate your team, and gain confidence in your compensation structures.

See QuotaPath in action by booking a demo and witnessing the power of these new features firsthand.

Or, experience it yourself: Sign up for a free trial and start building smarter compensation plans today.

Don’t just manage comp; master it. Embrace the future of sales incentives with QuotaPath.

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