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One of the biggest challenges we see in sales compensation management is a lack of access to information across teams. 

What’s more, when that information is available, it’s often spread across multiple channels or spreadsheets, sending people on a wild-goose chase to find the data they need. 

We aim to solve this.

On the heels of our latest feature releases, Home for Admins, and expanded self-serve integrations, we released additional holistic views to present the most valuable compensation data for individual earners and comp managers. 

Called Home for Reps and Member Details, these new dashboards pull insights, tasks, and deal data history into one place, enabling users to work more effectively in and outside of QuotaPath. With these two additions, QuotaPath continues to deepen sales compensation clarity for all parties impacted by variable pay.

Learn more about Home for Reps and Member Details below.

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Build rep accountability and ownership with Home for Reps

Sellers can start here for an overview of earnings per month or quarter, plan payment breakdowns, and payouts.

One of the best parts of QuotaPath’s Home for Reps is how it encourages seller accountability and ownership of their sales compensation. 

Instead of sending your reps to finance and accounting when they have questions about their commission plan or payouts, you can direct them to QuotaPath’s Home for Reps. Plus, with mobile-friendly views, reps can check it anywhere, anytime, whether they’re at the office or on the road. 

With this seller-focused user experience, reps will have easy access to the answers to their most pressing compensation questions. When will I get paid for this deal? How much will it be? How close am I to hitting the next commission tier? What will my next commission check be? What SPIFs am I eligible for? Did finance address my question yet? Send them to QuotaPath.

QuotaPath home for reps
Home for Reps

Upon logging in, reps will see from the first screen they land upon what, why, and when they’re getting paid across all of their deals in a UX-friendly view. Here, they can also see an overview of their individual performance, forecasted earnings according to their pipeline, and task alerts.  

A monthly breakdown shows the rep how they’re performing against their compensation plan split up by each comp plan component, such as SPIFs, accelerators, and bonuses. 

Do your reps have personal goals they’re working toward, like a down payment, car, or vacation? Home for Reps also has a designated spot to showcase the seller’s progress toward their personal goals. Reps can add goals directly from this page and gauge how close they are to achieving their goals every time they log in.

Plus, anytime they raise a flag in-app (deal flagging) over a deal payment they have a question on, Home for Reps will alert them when it’s been resolved or if additional communication is necessary. If your team introduces compensation plan changes or a new plan, your reps will also be notified here to verify their understanding using our plan verification tool. 

With Home for Reps, motivate your sellers by keeping them privy and connected to their earning progress in an easy-to-understand view with the data that matters most to them.

Manage commissions by rep using Member Details

Start with Member Details to execute the steps needed to pay the seller.

Just as our Home for Reps dashboard is making it easier for reps to access their commission information, our new Member Details view will consolidate relevant deal data at the individual-rep level to allow effective commission management.

Need to check how a rep is getting paid or look into a previous payment? Looking at the rep’s performance over time before moving to a new role?  Helping a rep understand their quota attainment across multiple deals?  

Member Details pulls in everything you need to know regarding a single rep’s earnings history and upcoming payouts from one page. 

Use the Tasks tab at the top to see by rep what deals need approval, which deals have discrepancies, what flags remain unresolved, and how many payments you owe.

Member Details now in QuotaPath.

Explore total earnings, approved earnings, and total closed/won deals by month, quarter, year, or a custom date range. See what compensation plans this rep follows and what previous plans they’ve received payments under. 

This view organizes each piece of the seller’s compensation plan. In doing so, you can navigate QuotaPath more efficiently and take in-app actions necessary to ensure your reps received accurate and timely payments.

Streamline commissions for your RevOps, Finance, and Sales teams

Design, track, and manage variable incentives with QuotaPath. Give your RevOps, finance, and sales teams transparency into sales compensation.

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Smart sales compensation management 

Now with QuotaPath, find earnings, attainment, and commission payment information faster than ever before.

Use Member Details to execute payments more efficiently. And, send your sellers to Home for Reps for current, forecasted, paid, and to-be-paid commission information to foster compensation ownership and motivation. 

To check these features out yourself, start a free 30-day trial with QuotaPath, or see it live in a guided demo with our team.

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