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sales kickoff SKO ebook guide

Will your next sales kickoff (SKO) be one of the 25% that earns an “A” grade?

According to data from TaskDrive, a research analytics firm for B2B and marketing teams, nearly 75% of sales kickoff attendees claim their company’s SKO fails to meet “A”-level standards. 

Here’s why you should care: Your SKO sets the tone and direction for the entire sales team throughout the year.

A well-planned and impactful SKO fosters a sense of alignment, motivation, and collaboration among team members. It provides a platform for sharing knowledge, learning from top performers, and aligning individual goals with the company’s strategic objectives.

a successful SKO becomes a catalyst for enhancing the overall success and cohesion of the sales team.

It offers a time to reset, re-inspire, and re-engage your team after one of the most challenging years growth teams have seen. 

Plus, employees who feel their SKOs are well executed are more likely to experience increased motivation, job satisfaction, and a sense of belonging, leading to improved performance, customer satisfaction, and long-term business growth. In essence, a successful SKO becomes a catalyst for enhancing the overall success and cohesion of the sales team.

To help with your upcoming SKO, we created our latest guide, “Mastering the Art of the Sales Kickoff.”

Delve into the intricacies of planning, executing, and maximizing the impact of your SKO event. Get ideas for budget-friendly sessions, speakers, and follow-up activities to ensure your team meets and exceeds its goals in the coming year. 

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or diving into SKO planning for the first time, this guide will equip you with the strategies and best practices to have your employees sing your praise. 

Read below to learn more about the book and upcoming QuotaPath events supporting SKOs. 

sales kickoff SKO ebook guide

Master Sales Kickoff Excellence

Unlock the secrets to a successful Sales Kickoff (SKO) with our comprehensive guide.

Read Guide

Inside Our Guide, You’ll Discover:

  • The Impact of a Well-Executed SKO:
    • Understand why an SKO is not just another corporate meeting but a pivotal moment to set the tone for the year.
    • Learn why early planning is crucial and how to align your SKO with the company’s goals.
  • Purpose of an SKO:
    • Explore how a well-executed SKO can align team goals, boost motivation, and contribute to overall success.
    • Discover the impact of a successful SKO on team performance, collaboration, and morale.
  • What Every Successful SKO Includes:
    • Uncover the essential elements of a well-planned agenda, from speakers and learning sessions to compensation plan rollouts.
    • Learn the importance of an award and recognition ceremony and how end-of-day team events contribute to team building.
  • SKO Best Practices:
    • Get actionable tips on early planning, cost control, aligning SKO objectives with company strategy, and creating audience-centric content.
    • Understand the importance of varied content formats, team building, technology usage, and feedback mechanisms.
  • Compensation Discussion:
    • Recognize the imperative of transparent communication about compensation changes.
    • Gain insights into conducting dedicated sessions at the SKO to align your team with organizational goals and compensation structures.
  • Recap, Action Items, and Follow-Up:
    • Ensure your team leaves the SKO understanding expectations and key takeaways.
    • Learn how consistent follow-up, support, and accountability contribute to the long-term success of an SKO.
  • Stay Agile:
    • Embrace flexibility and adaptability to overcome unexpected challenges during the SKO.
    • Get tips on proactive planning, contingency measures, and maintaining a calm demeanor in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Celebrate Your SKO with Us

To continue on that 2024 SKO energy, we’re hosting virtual and in-person events throughout January and February in cities near you. 

Up first is our Jan. 11 webinar, The SKO Playbook for Revenue Growth: Aligning Your Team for 2024, featuring our CMO Sara Strope, CEO and Co-Founder AJ Bruno, and special guests Salesloft CRO Steve Goldberg, and Seismic President and CRO Hayden Stafford. 

Register here for the webinar 

Then, we’ll host six in-person bowling events in Austin, Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. 

Register here, and we look forward to celebrating with you in person.

  • SKO Celebration Happy Hours
    • Jan 16: Austin
    • Jan 18: Chicago
    • Jan 23: Boston
    • Jan 25: New York City
    • Jan 30: Washington D.C.
    • Feb 2: San Francisco

We’ll see you there!

About QuotaPath

QuotaPath is your trusted partner in streamlining and optimizing sales compensation. Whether rolling out new compensation plans at your SKO or enhancing ongoing commission management processes, QuotaPath empowers your sales teams, simplifies complexities, and ensures accuracy and transparency in commission payouts.

Schedule time with our team to learn more, or sign up for a free trial

Master the SKO with QuotaPath and drive sales excellence for maximum revenue growth.

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