Introducing March’s Quokka of the Month: Robert Candelaria

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Meet our first-ever QuokkaPath winner, March’s Quokka of the Month, Robert Candelaria!

Nominated for his recent promotion and following the obliteration of his monthly quota, please join us in celebrating Robert.

Robert works as a sales development representative for our customer Pathwire, a Sinch Company, that offers cloud-based email products such as Mailgun, Mailjet, and Email on Acid.

Within 9 months of joining Pathwire, Robert earned the promotion from market development representative to SDR. Then, in his 10th month, and first as an SDR, Robert steamrolled his monthly target by more than 200 percent. All of which he got to track in real-time using QuotaPath. 😉 

Go off, Robert!

When he’s not handing off smoking hot leads to sales, the SDR comes up with new outreach strategies for the team. 

For instance, to add a level of personalization to their cold email efforts, Robert inputted a variable that pulls the prospect’s company’s name into the subject line. 

He also refined his messaging to create urgency. 

“People do not like to waste money. I crafted my messaging to speak to companies hitting email overages,” said Robert. “Then I followed it with a call-to-action to find a day to discuss their account.”

Additionally, Robert put together tailored email campaigns segmented to hit prospects with pain points specific to their market needs. 

“By utilizing tools that I have access to, I could distinguish the messaging based on what companies were in the market for, which would decide what message was to be sent to who,” Robert said. 

And that, my friends, is how you sprint past quota. 

Congrats again, Robert, and thank you for sharing your story!

Want to nominate a teammate for April’s? Submit your nominations.

What’s QuokkaPath?

QuotaPath launched QuokkaPath in 2022 to celebrate our users!

The name nods to the Australian animal the quokka, which earned internet fame for its adorable smile.

Like a pack of smiling quokkas, we’re happiest when our customers succeed! 

That’s why every month, we ask our customers to nominate someone from their team who has gone above and beyond to support a customer, coworker, or prospect. Then, a Quokka Committee within QuotaPath selects a winner.

Our “Quokkas of the Months” earn permanent spots in our Quokka Hall of Fame. Plus, the winners and those who nominated them receive a quokka-filled swag pack.

How it works

  • Customers can nominate someone as many times as they want
  • At the end of the month, we pick a winner, then reach out to our main QuotaPath contact at the company to verify the winner.
  • At the end of the month, we reach out to both the nominator and the winner and ask for an address and a couple more details.
  • Then, we yell it from the rooftops! AKA our social media channels, and highlight our monthly winners in a blog just like this!

So, go ahead and nominate that mentor, that teammate you can always count on, or that leader who just gets you. We want to celebrate them!

Remember, this is just for QuotaPath customers. But guess what? You too can become a customer of our intuitive, easy-to-use, and accurate sales compensation management platform. To learn how QuotaPath tracks commissions and motivates reps to excel, like Robert here, schedule a chat with our team today. 

We promise you’ll be met with a quokka-esque smile!

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