Meet QuokaPath’s September Winner: Courtney Billingsley

september quokka winner

Every month, QuotaPath collects nominations from our customers to name a Quokka of the Month. We’re thrilled to announce our QuokkaPath September winner below. To nominate a teammate, see past winners, and learn more about this peer recognition initiative, check out QuokkaPath.

A volunteer at her core, Courtney Billingsley from Virtuous is this month’s Quokka of the Month.

“Courtney is deeply passionate about the work she does and about our customers,” wrote Samantha Lovewell in Courtney’s nomination. “On top of that, she is always willing to support her teammates, lend advice, collaborate, and goes the extra mile for everyone.”

With over a decade of professional experience in the non-profit sector, including time at the ALS Association and Boys & Girls Club, Courtney joined Virtuous two years ago.

The move makes sense when you consider what Virtuous offers, a CRM tailored to nonprofits

“Helping nonprofit organizations increase their generosity and further their mission continues to be a defining achievement of my career as an Account Manager,” Courtney said. “It’s such a rewarding experience to work with them and push their momentum forward.”

In her time there, Courtney has developed an empathetic, curious approach to her role that’s contributed to her success. 

“I work to understand the true customer challenge or opportunity and propose a solution that best services their teams in a user-friendly way,” Courtney said. 

This genuine and attentive style hasn’t gone unnoticed by her coworkers.

“She is truly a wonderful coworker,” Samantha said. 

Likewise, Courtney had nothing but praise for her teammates and credited them for her own development.

“My colleagues continue to provide new insights and encourage me to embody customer service every day,” Courtney said. “They’re helping me achieve these wins!”

More on Courtney, September’s QuokkaPath Winner

Tell us more about your volunteer work.

In this season of life, I’m working to volunteer in ways that can include my kids. This shows them the impact and importance of serving others. 

From making stockings or Easter baskets for children in foster care to volunteering in their schools directly, I love being able to include them in these activities. 

How does Virtuous embed volunteer work into its core mission?

Because Virtuous serves exclusively non-profit organizations, volunteering is a core piece of our company culture. Each month, Virtuos requires us to spend a minimum of two hours volunteering.

Just this month, the entire company came together to volunteer in a variety of ways to continue this commitment. 

What do you hope to accomplish next in your career?

I hope to continue growing in my ability to support my teammates in producing strategies for our customers and supporting each of them in being the best version of themselves!

Lastly, when you’re not at work or volunteering, what else do you enjoy doing?

When not working, I enjoy golfing, reading, and hanging out with my husband and 2 kids. 

About QuokkaPath

Like a flock of smiling quokkas, we’re happiest when our customers excel! 

That’s why we invite our customers to nominate someone from their team who has gone above and beyond. From there, a QuotaPath Quokka Committee selects a winner.

“Quokkas of the Months” earn permanent spots in our Quokka Hall of Fame. Plus, the winners, and those who nominated them, receive quokka-filled swag packs.

Congrats again, Courtney, and thank you for sharing your story!

 Nominate a teammate for October by submitting your nominations here.

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