Meet QuokaPath’s October Winner: Amita Singh

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Every month, QuotaPath customers nominate one of their teammates for Quokka of the Month, a peer recognition award. We’re thrilled to announce our QuokkaPath October winner below. To nominate a teammate, see past winners, and learn more about this initiative, check out QuokkaPath

Nominated for her strong partner relationship with her account executive and for being a top performer on her team, Amita Singh is October’s QuotaPath Quokka of the Month!

Amita, who has worked in tech sales previously at eBay and Oracle, today supports the digital coaching platform CoachHub as a Senior Learning & Development Specialist for their UK/Ireland (UKI) region. 

Head of Sales Development Karla Gordovil nominated Amita, praising her ability to serve as a partner to the AE team and drive high conversion rates from meetings to open opportunities. 

“The biggest challenge in this role is to be resilient while facing a lot of rejections, convincing the businesses to diverge their financial resources towards digital coaching or update their existing solutions,” said Amita. “To be successful in this role, one definitely needs to step into the customer’s shoes and understand their pain points. It’s crucial to understand exactly the problem you’re trying to solve and customize your pitch accordingly.”

They have been instrumental from day one in my journey and my success so far and helped me integrate into an entirely new culture.

What do you hope to accomplish next?

I strive to grow up the ladder in the sales org. and take on additional responsibilities. I would love to have more meaningful conversations with customers and play my part in the future of digital coaching.

How would you describe the working environment at CoachHub? 

The work environment at CoachHub is extremely positive and collaborative, We have people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. And as they say, selling is a team sport, the diverse team at CoachHub brings in its own unique strengths and ways of solving problems. CoachHub definitely lives up to its core value of ‘culture first’ by letting people from different backgrounds and cultures to be their own selves and create a positive impact. We love celebrating each other’s successes and wins and together we form a huge community of sales folks working towards a common goal.

Lastly, what do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at work I’m mostly spending time with my friends and family or indulging in binge-watching.

Thanks for sharing, Amita! Congrats again, and cheers to your success.

About QuokkaPath

Like the “happiest animal on earth,” the quokka, we’re happiest when our customers excel! 

That’s why we welcome customer nominations every month to celebrate someone on their team who has excelled in their role.

“Quokkas of the Months” earn permanent spots in our Quokka Hall of Fame. Plus, the winners, and those who nominated them, receive quokka-filled swag packs.

To nominate a teammate for November, submit your nominations here.

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