QuotaPath is an industry-leading sales compensation software on G2

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We started QuotaPath with a big goal: to transform the way companies track and pay commissions through an intuitive, automated, simple-to-use sales compensation software.

With that goal in mind, we’ve built the most adaptable solution for sales reps to finance and everyone in between. We’ve captured the hearts and minds of revenue professionals, who need a way to bring transparency and accuracy to the commission process. Our users have spoken up on G2, and we’re happy to announce that we scored big on G2’s recent Fall 2020 Market Report!

QuotaPath’s industry leading G2 badges

THANK YOU for helping us become an industry leader in the following categories: Sales Compensation Management, Sales Analytics, and Sales Performance Management. We beat out our competitors in several categories and we couldn’t have done it without you.

QuotaPath is a leader in Sales Compensation on G2

QuotaPath is a leader in Sales Analytics on G2

QuotaPath is a leader in Sales Compensation on G2

QuotaPath is a leader in Sales Compensation on G2

QuotaPath is a leader in Sales Compensation on G2

  • Most Implementable software: We ranked #1 out of all of our competitors for ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption. This has been top of mind since the beginning of QuotaPath. We set out to build a fully automated solution that eliminates the need for spreadsheets. Our code-free Comp Plan Builder means that you can build and assign comp plans in minutes. And you never have to rely on our team to make changes as your compensation changes. You can have a built out Workspace with your CRM data integrated in hours, just in time to run your next commission cycle.
  • Best Support: Our CS team is here to support you through your commission journey in whatever way you need. We can help you onboard your team, set up your plans, and sync your CRM. We’ll be as hands-on as you need, at no additional cost to you.
  • Sales Compensation Leader: Sales compensation software… it’s what we live and breathe! With QuotaPath, reps no longer have to wonder why they earned what they did because they have full visibility into their commission and earnings. Sales leaders and ops can reduce stress and save hours each month when it’s time to run commissions for their team. No more errors or back-and-forth, just happy, motivated teams.
  • Best Relationship with our buyers: Our sales team does way more than the average salespeople. We’re here to grow with you. We see hundreds, even thousands of comp plans, and can help consult you on yours if you’d like us to. We also take all of our customer feedback to heart. It’s a huge reason why we’re the leading sales compensation and commission tracking tool. We often hear “it just works” and this is music to our ears. We believe that commission software should elevate your process, not hinder it. Becoming a QuotaPath customer means joining our community of revenue professionals.
  • High Performer for Mid-Market: We support organizations of all shapes and sizes, in all different industries. Whether you’re an individual contributor or lead a team of 100 salespeople, we can help you with commissions. And this goes for comp plans too. No matter how intricate or complex your comp structure is, our platform can handle it.

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