QuotaPath + Revenue Collective: Driving compensation awareness & education

quotapath and revenue collective

Big news has hit the sales community today. Drum roll please… We’re excited to announce that QuotaPath has entered into a strategic partnership with Revenue Collective, a membership organization of over 3,000 sales and marketing professionals. Together, we’ll work to help sales professionals better understand their compensation and help executives and companies more accurately set, track, and predict commission-driven compensation.

What this partnership means to us

When it comes to compensating salespeople, a thoughtful and focused strategy is critical to driving the right behaviors and business outcomes, but designing comp plans is a delicate balancing act – equal parts both art and science.

Sales leaders are constantly trying to model comp plans that incentivize their front-line teams. Individual sellers are often left to their own accord when figuring out how and when they get paid. It’s our mission at QuotaPath to provide end-to-end transparency and empower sales reps to better understand their comp.

Thousands of Revenue Collective Members turn to its “#comp_plans” Slack channel looking for best practices and insights from others in the community. We’re thrilled to join this community and provide thought leadership through jointly-produced webinars, research reports, and surveys. We have a ton in store to demystify variable compensation for sales organizations all over the world. We’re also creating a “#qutoapath” branded Slack channel where Members can interact directly with our team, get access to upcoming feature releases, and more.

“I’m incredibly excited to partner with QuotaPath and have discovered through conversations with their CEO, AJ Bruno, that they share our commitment to unlocking the professional potential of revenue leaders around the world,” said Sam Jacobs, founder and CEO of Revenue Collective. “As we surpass 3,000 Members, I’ve never felt more confident and optimistic about our opportunity to truly change our Member’s lives for the better and our alliance with QuotaPath is yet one more step on that journey.”

How to get involved

If you’re interested in joining Revenue Collective, information to apply can be found here. Come join the exclusive organization designed to support the professional development of revenue leaders at high growth companies from more than 100 cities across the world. And if you haven’t done so, sign up for QuotaPath’s free commission tracking software. See you on Slack soon!

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