QuotaPath’s 2018 in Review

quotpath 2018 review

Phew! What a year we had at QuotaPath. 2018 was truly the start of something big. Since our inception in April, we achieved many things as a team, like raising a $1.5 million seed round and using it to heavily invest in the best product and engineering talent to help us design, build, and launch our platform.

Product Launch

In a few short months, we were ready to show the world what we’ve been working on– we opened up Early Access to the QuotaPath app. We had a flurry of activity from our networks… lots of salespeople who were interested in seeing what it’d be like to completely understand their commissions. We leveraged the excitement of our early access users and held hundreds of conversations to understand challenges, collect user feedback, and make sure our product would support even the most complicated compensation plans.


In October, once we felt we could handle the vast majority of compensation plans, we began focusing on growth. Building a “freemium” product was new to us, so we looked to a few of the biggest SaaS companies like Slack, Dropbox, and HubSpot and adopted a “product-led growth” strategy (ask us about it!). We also started writing more blog posts. We began advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit. We met with users in person. We did some cold calling. What happened? We doubled our user count. Then we doubled it again. And again. We aren’t quite to another “And again” but we’re well on our way. We’re constantly trying new things, iterating, and improving our growth strategies.

What does 2019 hold?

At this point, the internal consensus is that if we accomplished all of that in just eight months the next 12 months is going to be incredible. We’re hiring as fast as we can. We’re iterating our app and adding new features and functionality on a daily basis. We’re getting feedback from our users non-stop.

While we know the next 12 months are going to be a very windy road, there are a few things that we’re going to launch in the near future:

  • Open access
    As of this posting, we’re still in gated Early Access for the app. We’re doing this to ensure we have a close connection with our users as we’re getting direct and rapid feedback and rolling out new features. However, this is changing very soon! We’ll be releasing our product to the world, so anyone can create an account and use QuotaPath to their heart’s content.
  • Teams & plan sharing
    They say that no one is an island, and that applies to salespeople too. You’re likely on a team of people who also work in sales. Do you want to see how you stack up against them? If you’re a manager, do you want to track your team’s attainment? If you’re a QuotaPath expert, do you want to share your plan with newbies? All of that is going to be possible when we launch teams and plan sharing in the next few months.
  • Launching Premium functionality
    We’ve said it from the beginning: QuotaPath will always have a free functionality. You don’t need to pay to use QuotaPath to track your deals, calculate your commission, and double check your payments. However, there’s so much more to unlock with our Premium functionality, which we’ll be launching early 2019.

To say we’re excited is an understatement. On top of all of that, we’re tripling our team size, upgrading our Philly office to some sweet new digs, hosting our 2019 team kickoff in Austin, and so much more. Cheers to the new year and all the places we’re headed!

If you’re a current QuotaPath user, go check out how you did in 2018 for commissions. Log in now!

If you don’t have access to QuotaPath yet, we want you to be a part of the excitement! Let us know and we’ll get you an account ASAP.

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