What’s The Revops Market Like Right Now?

RevOps market trends RevOps trends

The role of RevOps and the entire RevOps market has encountered explosive growth over the past couple of years.

In 2020, only 33% of companies had a RevOps function. Today, that number has increased to 48%, and Gartner predicts that 75% of the highest-growth companies will adopt a RevOps model by 2025.

Buyer preferences, behaviors, and rising expectations have driven this trend, making a self-directed and consistent experience throughout the buyer’s journey essential to revenue growth and retention.

RevOps has gained momentum as businesses see its effectiveness. For instance, Forrester research found that organizations that align the people, process, and technology involved in the demand engine experience 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability.

Also, 21% of companies that introduced a RevOps function saw greater alignment and productivity resulting in an increased operating margin. An additional 13% of businesses experienced better revenue growth after adopting a RevOps model.

The rise of the RevOps market was on full display last year. How has that high continued throughout 2024?

Read on to learn about RevOps jobs growth, salary, roles, technology, and other trends.

What is a good rule of thumb for growing your RevOps team?

For those of you representing RevOps teams of one, how do you know when it’s time to expand your team?

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RevOps Jobs Growth

RevOps job growth over recent years is evident.

A recent study by the Revenue Operations Alliance found that 59.8% of organizations have only had a revenue operations function for one to two years. Our search on ZipRecruiter unearthed over 174,000 RevOps job postings. And the number will continue increasing as RevOps is now the fastest-growing job in America, according to Forbes.

The top RevOps job title is presently Revenue Operations Analyst per ZipRecruiter. Another popular role is Head of Revenue Operations in small or medium-sized companies, also known as Chief Revenue Officer at large enterprises, according to LinkedIn. These roles are often found in tech-centric geographic locations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

RevOps Salary

As of May 30, 2024, the average annual salary for a RevOps role in the United States is $110,000 a year according to ZipRecruiter. The majority of RevOps salaries range from $85,000 to $128,000 annually across the United States. Note: the average pay range for RevOps roles varies little based on geographic location.

Betts reports a sustained rise in RevOps base salaries in 2023, following a 10% year-over-year increase observed in 2022. Betts also noted that a RevOps manager typically earns 20% more than a comparable sales operations manager role.

Below is a chart listing the top 10 cities for salaries above the national average identified by ZipRecruiter.

As the average salaries vary by as little as 10% between these locations, it was suggested that the best way to optimize your income is by considering a location with a lower cost of living.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Francisco, CA$138,384$11,532$2,661$66.53
Fremont, CA$134,834$11,236$2,592$64.82
San Jose, CA$129,693$10,807$2,494$62.35
Oakland, CA$128,696$10,724$2,474$61.87
Jackson, WY$128,581$10,715$2,472$61.82
Vallejo, CA$126,337$10,528$2,429$60.74
Hayward, CA$125,853$10,487$2,420$60.51
Seattle, WA$125,762$10,480$2,418$60.46
Sunnyvale, CA$124,809$10,400$2,400$60.00
Santa Barbara, CA$124,724$10,393$2,398$59.96

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RevOps Role

RevOps is responsible for aligning the entire revenue team, generating data, and creating visibility into crucial business metrics and processes. Their ultimate goal is driving efficiencies and predictable revenue growth.

In its earliest form, RevOps was intended to break down the silos between sales, marketing, and customer success for a more seamless customer journey and improved customer experience.

As the marketplace continues to evolve it has become a more structured process that changes as a company scales. Establishing and growing a RevOps practice is not a one-size-fits-all process and varies for each organization.

In small companies with less than 10 employees, you may or may not have a RevOps presence. However, by the time you achieve a 10-25% growth rate and approximately 20 employees, you should establish a RevOps role to guide you through this volatile period. This is when you build and refine processes while anticipating opportunities and challenges.

Once you achieve $1 million in revenue with sustained growth rates of 25% or more your RevOps function becomes more strategic. The focus shifts to product-market fit and scaling growth efficiently.

RevOps Market: Technology

As RevOps has grown in popularity, so has technology to support this role.

The RevOps platform market totaled US$ 3,652.3 million in 2023. This segment of the technology market grew at 15.2% CAGR from 2018 to 2022 and is expected to grow at 17.3% CAGR between 2023 and 2033.

This rate of growth is said to be driven by the need to streamline sales business processes. Data-driven collaboration combined with the pursuit of predictable business growth is expected to motivate the continued expansion of the RevOps platform market.

Top RevOps Tools include: 

  • Sales process compliance and CRM data hygiene platforms like Weflow
  • Revenue intelligence platforms like Gong
  • Revenue forecasting platforms like InsightSquared
  • Revenue attribution platforms like Dreamdata
  • Go-to-market planning platforms like Fullcast.io
  • ABM and buyer intent platforms like Demandbase
  • Sales engagement platforms like Salesloft
  • Data management platforms like Coefficient
  • Sales compensation management platforms like QuotaPath

The increased adoption of these types of tools has resulted in greater sales productivity, internal customer satisfaction, and reduced go-to-market (GTM) strategy expenses.

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Other RevOps Trends

As RevOps continues to grow it evolves in response to market changes. Here are some of the latest trends we’ve seen.

A Shift From Growth-At-All-Costs to Retention and Expansion

New business is tougher to acquire. To overcome this challenge, businesses are focusing on customer longevity, retention, cross-sells, and upsells to drive growth. “We focused on top of funnel in 2023. Today, we’re focusing more on identifying expansions and nailing renewals,” Jen Igartua said.

Increasing AI Use

RevOps analyzes a lot of data. AI delivers deeper insights and analytics than a human and in less time.

“At QuotaPath, we’ve used AI to rework our loss and churn reasons. Take all of the emails and notes from your reps across all your opportunities, load it into an AI tool, and it will tell you more about the biggest reasons for lost opportunities,” said VP of RevOps Ryan Milligan.

Cold Outreach is More Targeted

One way of boosting sales efficiency and effectiveness is by targeting prospects that match the ideal customer profile (ICP). Then communications are more relevant to recipients and elicit a better response rate. “Outbound is never dead, but good outbound is hard to keep alive,” Jeff Ignacio said.

Tech Stack ROI is Crucial

Tighter budgets mean every tech platform must prove its worth to remain in the stack. “If you claim your product enables leaders to be more productive, what is the time and dollar savings tied to that?” Daphne said.

Selling to Retainable Customers is a Priority

There’s been a mindset shift. Winning customers used to be the goal. Now, the priority is winning customers who are most likely to renew. Inspire this behavior by incentivizing it. “If you give BDRs $50 for every demo that occurs, give them another $25 if it’s an ICP demo,” Ryan said. “Reward higher commission rates for your sales team if it’s an ICP account.”

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