What comp plans does QuotaPath support?

comp plans quotapath supports

Hint: All of them.

QuotaPath’s Comp Plan Builder tool supports all comp plans.

Want to build a comp plan from scratch or borrow some of our most commonly used templates? Comp Plan Builder can help.

The tool includes a free library of 13 widely adopted templates and a create-your-own option. To access the tool, create your first Workspace or log into your existing one. From there, select “Plans” on the left-side toolbar. Then in the top right, hit “Add Plan.” 

Great work!

Create Compensation Plans with confidence

RevOps, sales leaders, and finance teams use our free tool to ensure reps’ on-target earnings and quotas line up with industry standards. Customize plans with accelerators, bonuses, and more, by adjusting 9 variables.

Build a Comp Plan

Once you’ve completed the plan, you can share and adjust as needed. Then, layer multiple components into a single plan and create Paths for each one. These Paths can represent quota, a one-time spiff, a monthly bonus, or more. Comp Plan Builder can also incorporate bonuses, accelerators and multi-year agreements.

It gets even better with our Official Plan subscription. Upon upgrading, you can design a plan, assign it to members within your QuotaPath Workspace, lock it for admin control, set team goals and so forth.

We’re ready for you to start your 2022 comp plan in QuotaPath!

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most commonly used templates. Still have questions on comp planning? Reach out to our Chief of Staff Graham Collins to build a plan fit for your business.

Sales Representative Comp Planning Templates

First, we offer four compensation plan templates to support sales representative roles. This includes account executives, enterprise account executives, senior account executives, sales executives, and sales reps.

  • Single Rate Commission: If you get paid a single commission rate on every single deal
  • Commission With Accelerators: If you get paid a different commission rate depending on quota attainment
  • Commission With Bonuses: If you earn a commission on every deal you close and a bonus upon hitting quota
  • Commission With Multi-year Accelerators: If you earn a commission on every deal closed that varies depending on the length of the contract

Sales Leader Comp Planning Templates

For sales managers, VP of sales, director of sales, head of sales, and chief revenue officer, we recommend the following four templates.

  • Team-based Commission: If you get paid a single commission rate on every deal your team closes
  • Team-based Commission With Accelerators: If you get paid a different commission rate on deals your team closes depending on your quota attainment
  • Team-based Commission with Bonuses: If you earn a commission on deals your team closes and a bonus once you hit your quota

Sales Development Representative (SDR) Comp Planning Templates

We offer the following three templates to support compensation planning for sales development reps (SDRs), business development reps (BDRs), market development reps, and account development reps.

  • Activity-based: If you get paid based on how much activity you do, like demos set, qualified opportunities created, or cold calls made
  • Revenue-based: If you get paid a commission on the opportunities you create that close.
  • Activity and revenue-based: If you get paid on both activity and revenue generated.

Account Management and Customer Success Comp Planning Templates

Lastly, if your organization compensates account managers, account supervisors, client managers, and customer success managers, QuotaPath has you covered. Here are three templates to work from.

  • Retention-based Commission: If you earn a commission on accounts you renew
  • Retention and Upsell Bonus: If you earn a bonus on accounts you renew and accounts you upsell
  • Retention-based Bonus: If you get paid a bonus on every account you renew

If none of these fit what you’re looking for, remember you can build your own within our tool. And for additional comp plan best practices, check out this article. Happy comp planning!

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