OSG sales compensation case study

OSG cleans up commissions with QuotaPath, sets record sales

From 35 comp plans to 1. OSG re-structured their compensation strategy and implemented it with QuotaPath. The result? Best sales year in company history.

How Sapling increased their team attainment 15% in 3 months

QuotaPath is a time-saving and revenue-generating product for Sapling. Now the sales team can accurately track earnings, quota attainment, and goals.

How Tribe Dynamics improved commission transparency & comp plan effectiveness

Tribe Dynamics reps needed a way to understand their earnings each month. Integrating with HubSpot gives the team instant access to deal and earnings insights.

Tribe Dynamics

How Guru created a best-in-class commission experience for 40+ reps

Guru has 42 reps, spanning different functions on the GTM and Sales Team. Creating a long-lasting partnership was a top priority.

How Grafana’s 50+ sales team was onboarded in 7 days

Grafana needed an automated solution that worked for everyone and could be implemented in time to run quarterly commissions.

From AEs to SDRs, QuotaPath empowers ExecVision’s sales team

ExecVision reps were lacking a way to track personal goals and performance. They needed a tool to help manage pipeline and track earnings and attainment.

blackthorn customer case success story

Blackthorn sets record-breaking sales months following QuotaPath implementation

As this company grew, so did their commission structure complexities. Then QuotaPath and its real-time Salesforce integration stepped in.

How QuotaPath’s HubSpot integration immediately helped Jirav’s sales team

As Jirav’s sales organization scaled from two reps to 25, it was important they find a solution that could scale with them and provide visibility into commissions.

Sales commission software that empowers your entire team

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