From AEs to SDRs, QuotaPath empowers ExecVision’s sales team

ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform helping organizations record, transcribe, analyze, and store sales calls.

Their platform takes all the call recordings and extracts meaningful insights to help onboard and coach sales reps. This decreases ramp time and adopts top-performing sales behaviors.


Sales Reps

B2B SaaS


Dec 2018

Joined QuotaPath

This is Jacquie.

As an Account Executive, her role is all about juggling – bringing in new business, landing and expanding, strengthening relationships with current clients.


No way for her to track performance or set goals

Jacquie was looking for a tool to help manage her pipeline, set goals, and track her earnings and attainment.

She was spending too much time pulling reports in Salesforce® and crunching numbers to figure out how much she needed to hit her next accelerator. She was sick of spending all that time when she just wanted to be selling more.

No way for her team to visualize goals across the org

As ExecVision scales, sales goals can change quarterly or even monthly. With revenue in mind, they needed a way to align against greater common organizational goals so they could work together and see how each individual was contributing.

Jacquie was looking for a tool to help manage her pipeline, set goals, and track her earnings and attainment when she discovered QuotaPath. After seeing success, she invited her teammates to join.


It’s a huge timesaver

With a single source of truth for her data, Jacquie doesn’t have to spend time pulling reports in Salesforce. She’s not scrambling to see how she’s comparing to everyone else, and she can always refer to the Attainment Dashboard to figure out where she and her team are against their goals.

Reps are more motivated

Leaderboards engage the team in friendly competition and help boost morale. Having team attainment metrics easily accessible is helpful to stay on top of how everyone is ranking.

Quicker onboarding for new reps

The team uses QuotaPath during their onboarding process to help ramp up new hires. New sales team members can see what closing a deal means in terms of actual attainment in a very real way.

“QuotaPath has been critical to help figure out how I’m tracking against not just my own personal goals and quota attainment, but also understanding how I’m contributing and bringing success to the organization.”

Whether you’re a single rep or on a team of 100, QuotaPath boosts performance

Track personal and career goals, manage your pipeline, and stay on target to hit quota. Get started today.

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