How Grafana’s 50+ sales team was onboarded in 7 days

Grafana is an open observability platform. They are an open-source analytics & monitoring solution for every database.

This is Carly.

She’s the Business Operations Manager and is the swiss army knife for Go-To-Market operations. She works with various teams to get tools, systems, and processes in place. Anything the business needs to run smoothly and efficiently, she has a hand in.


They needed a solution before the end-of-quarter

Grafana reviewed 3 other commission software, but didn’t have buy-in from everyone. One of them quoted her a 6 month implementation period.

Spreadsheets aren’t scalable

They’re hitting a critical growth point and need something more sophisticated than spreadsheets. Their process was too labor-intensive and they wanted to consolidate and automate the work that didn’t require a person.

Simplifying & standardizing comp plans

The sales team is made up of about 50 Account Executives and SDRs, all using QuotaPath. Each rep has a unique comp plan and they aren’t straightforward. They didn’t want reps to have to keep track of their own calculations anymore.

Carly says, “Any time you introduce a step that involves a human, there’s room for error.”

It was important to Carly that Reps could track earnings, Sales Ops could run calculations, the Director of Sales could verify, and Finance could run payments.

Grafana’s must-haves for a commission tool:

  • Quick & easy implementation 
  • An automated solution that works cross-departmentally
  • No reliance on a vendor to make changes to comp plans or team data
  • High adoption & a good user experience
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • A tool that resonated with the reps

When Carly took over the comp planning process last quarter, it was apparent that there was too much human capital being spent on commissions. When she asked her reps what tools they’ve used, QuotaPath surfaced.

This is Isaac.

He’s an Enterprise Account Executive. He’s not a spreadsheet kind of guy. We like to call him a QuotaPath Champion. 

Isaac started using QuotaPath over a year ago and loves being able to forecast his attainment and commissions. He knows which deals he should focus on, which are out, and his path towards hitting quota.

He highly recommended QuotaPath to Carly and his Sales Ops Manager. 

From Isaac’s point of view as a rep, Grafana was blitz scaling, and spreadsheets weren’t going to scale with their team.

The onboarding process

Implemented in less than a week & in time to run quarterly commissions

They needed onboarding to be done fast so that they could run end-of-quarter commissions. With that being just one week away, their dedicated QuotaPath Customer Success Manager dove right in.

  • 10 hours of build sessions & data validation meetings held
  • Salesforce configuration & field mapping complete
  • Comp plan creation, teams, roles & permissions set up
  • Invitations to join sent


Increased visibility. Now they have a way to track every part of the process.

Fewer discrepancies. Now they can proactively discover compensation problems before the end-of-period.

Increased data hygiene. Now that reps have visibility, they can ensure they are getting paid correctly.

More automation. So they can now switch to running commissions on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.

“It’s just really easy for reps to understand and see the calculations. It’s more than just a number and a list – there are different ways to slice and look at things. The interface is friendly and simple to use.”

— Carly P., Business Operations Manager

Automated and accurate commissions, every time

Automate the things that don’t require humans. Calculate commissions at scale. Get onboarded before your next commission cycle. Try it for free today!

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