How Sapling increased their team attainment 15% in 3 months

Sapling is a people operations platform with a goal to help streamline the entire employee life cycle.

Everything from onboarding, through promotions, relocations, job changes, all the way through off-boarding. They are a hub to all the different spokes in the HR landscape. They create processes and standardization and build integrations that help with the flow of employee data.


Team attainment increase


Less time spent on commissions


Sales reps

HR Tech


This is Nick.

He’s the VP of Sales and Partnerships at Sapling and manages a team of 14 sales reps. As the VP of Sales at a fast-growing company, he is the main driver for calculating commissions and stays busy with hiring, training, forecasting, and sales strategy.


Their commissions process was too manual & time-consuming

Nick used Google Sheets to track and run commissions. From there, he had to do manual exports from Salesforce and map the data. After rearranging the reports, he sent it to a few more folks to fact check the math before getting sign off. The process was tough and time-consuming.

They lacked transparency into employee data, like quotas and earnings

After recognizing the need to hire somebody in finance to help support running commissions, they soon realized was that all of the information lived inside of a black box… Nick’s head. So it was hard to then pass it over. Even though it was getting done, they struggled to keep track of and what was accurate. When trying to look back at quota changes from months in advance, there wasn’t a ton of documentation on it.

Sapling needed a solution that connected data from Salesforce and ran all the backend calculations. If it only helped Nick and the finance manager, it was considered a win. But what really changed with QuotaPath, was all the employee benefits.


Removing the administrative work that comes with running commissions

They were looking for a way to keep track of everything on the administrative side, like historical data, forward calculations, and double inputting of information, plus something that connected data seamlessly from Salesforce.

Providing employees with visibility to their numbers and goals

Purchasing QuotaPath became a no-brainer when they learned how employee-centric the platform is. Not only could it help run commissions, employees now had access to a portal to help calculate their personal or career goals and quota attainment, and making it easier to figure out where and how to get to their numbers in a strategic way.

“What we were actually able to realize was that this was going to help increase attainment by giving more visualization and concrete goals. Not only is it a time-saver but QuotaPath is a revenue-generating product.”


The sales team can accurately track earnings, quota attainment, and goals

On the sales side, Sapling’s Inbound SDRs, Outbound SDRs, SDR manager, SMB and Mid-market AE team, and Channel Partnership teams are using QuotaPath. Each team has their own unique comp plans, which were simple to get set up. They love the forecasting feature to help plan for their future. They all log in at the first of the month to see how much they ended up earning. Their quota attainment has gone from 60-75% since implementing QuotaPath.

Improving cross-departmental efficiency and the status quo

Outside of their sales teams, Nick, the Finance, and Operations team serve as account Admins to help streamline the commission process. They can easily share reports with their CEO if they need to get approvals on payments.

Tracking historical data and calculations

Previously, every time they made an update on somebody’s quota attainment, it changed all their previous calculations, which was really hard to keep track of. Now they are able to go back and timestamp the historical numbers.

“People are just comfortable with the status quo, even if the status quo’s not great. It takes five hours to run commissions, and I could do those five hours in my sleep. But the process is long. After seeing the value we’re getting out of it, the decision to buy QuotaPath seems so obvious now.”

— Nick, VP of Sales & Partnerships

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