Managing 15 comp plans for 150+ users: Why QuotaPath is an ‘essential’ tool for Botify’s Finance Manager

The company launched in 2012 and has more than 300 employees today, a third of which are commissionable roles.

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At the end of 2021, one thing was clear: Botify’s sales team had big plans in store for 2022. No longer would manual commission tracking be a viable solution (or a good use of time) for a team planning to expand to 150 commissionable roles.

Prior to enlisting QuotaPath, Christine and her Finance team ran commissions through a huge Excel template with a dedicated tab for each rep.

“This process worked for a while, although it was very time-consuming. Now, with our growth, it’s unmanageable.”

Christine L., Finance Manager

What they need

To support Botify’s scaling efforts, the team shopped for a sales compensation solution that:

  • Tracks, calculates and automates commissions payments for Finance
  • Provides Sales with real-time access and forecasting to commission and attainment updates
  • Includes payout approvals
  • Allows for easy data reconciliation
  • Partners closely on set-up, implementation, and onboarding

“QuotaPath’s rep experience has a ‘wow’ factor that I didn’t see from the other platforms. Sales was going to use this too, so I wanted a tool that I was confident they would adopt.”

Christine L., Finance Manager

Botify’s must-haves for a commission tool

When up against CaptivateIQ and Xactly, it was QuotaPath that won Christine’s and Botify’s business.

Christine’s must-haves included:

  • Leadership alignment on a solution
  • Flexibility
  • Cost
  • Rep adoption
  • The ability to automate as much of the process as possible

“QuotaPath looked and felt more user-friendly than the other two. The cost was right, and I thought our team, especially the reps, would prefer QuotaPath over the others.”

Christine L., Finance Manager

Automating Botify’s compensation process

Botify’s Finance team oversees compensation management, attainment objectives and measurement. This means they work with revenue leaders during comp plan development to define comp plans, quotas, and the commission structure. Then, they add them to QuotaPath, allow the system to automate everything in between, and approve payouts before seamlessly handing off commissions to payroll.

In total, Botify runs 15 comp plans that support over 150 QuotaPath users across business development, sales, customers teams, services, and leadership, spanning 4 geographic locations.

QuotaPath and Salesforce sync

By partnering with QuotaPath, Botify was able to automate 90 percent of their entire sales compensation process.

For Christine specifically, her role transformed from having to produce and calculate the commission date to simply having to check it.

The keys to success

  • A real-time Salesforce integration set up in a few clicks.
  • Onboarding and customer support that had Botify’s 100 users and 15 comp plans up and running in a month.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Ease to make changes, add new users, and train new reps on.

Sales engagement skyrockets

While Christine logs into QuotaPath once a week in her role, the sales team logs in much more frequently.

Botify’s Sales Leaders, for example, have taken advantage of QuotaPath’s Team Attainment Leaderboards. These dashboards provide at-a-glance views that leadership can utilize to identify top performers and prioritize their coaching efforts.

Reps, too, can immediately pull up QuotaPath after a deal updates in Salesforce to see how it impacts their total attainment and earnings progress. Or, they can toggle to our forecasting feature to see future total commissions as mapped to their tiered commission structure.

“The centralized performance measurement views has saved Finance from having to send spreadsheets and emails to Sales Leadership because they can now see it in QuotaPath,” said Christine.

“I spend 50% less time on commission now. QuotaPath has reduced the human error around commissions because it’s coming directly from Salesforce. It’s given us peace of mind.”

– Christine L., Finance Manager

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