Sales Compensation Resources

QuotaPath has helped hundreds of companies create and optimize sales comp plans. Use this collection of revenue operations resources to help plan and track all things sales compensation.

build compensation plan

Compensation Hub

Customize one of the 15 most trusted comp plans. We’ll guide you through building the right plan to motivate reps and generate predictable revenue.

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Sales Compensation Trends to Know in 2023

We surveyed more than 300 leaders and sales reps to get a pulse on today’s sales compensation trends. Here are our biggest takeaways…

quota to on-target earnings ratio calculator

Calculate Quota:OTE Ratio

Next time you’re building a new quota or comp plan, use this free calculator to ensure your reps’ on-target earnings and quotas mirror what they’re bringing in for the business.

sales compensation calculator

Sales Compensation Calculator

Use the Sales Compensation Calculator to plan or calculate on-target earnings (OTE), sales quotas, and commission rates for your sales compensation plans.

sales funnel

Build a Sales Funnel

Sales leaders, RevOps, and individual contributors can use this free tool to holistically analyze their sales funnel. Activities lead to opportunities, opportunities lead to revenue — see the complete picture.

QuotaPath and Pavilion sales compensation plan ebook graphic

Navigating Commissions & Compensation Planning in a Volatile Job Market

In this ebook, and in partnership with Pavilion, we interviewed four sales and finance executives from the Pavilion community. Learn how they approach sales compensation planning in a volatile market.

sales comp plans guide

Guide: Your Guide to Setting, Calculating & Tracking Sales Compensation

Create sales compensation packages that reward over performance, drive productivity, and attract and retain talent.

guide to build a compensation plan

Guide: How to Build a Compensation Plan Your Sales Team (& Future Investors) Will Love

QuotaPath and SaaSOptics teamed up on this guide to help you design sales comp plans that deliver.

sales commission calculator

Sales Commission Tracker Template

An easy-to-use spreadsheet to simplify the commission tracking process. Track what you or your team have earned with just 4 inputs.

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Guide: Give Your Reps a Better Commission Tool

If you want to increase sales team attainment, motivate sellers to bring in lingering deals at the end-of-the-month, and give reps, Finance, and RevOps a source of truth for sales compensation, you’re in the right place.

sales compensation planning benchmark report

Report: How 100+ SaaS companies approach their comp plans

A comprehensive guide to sales comp plans trends. The benchmark report summarizes how sales, RevOps, and finance leaders build compensation plans.

comp plan consultations

Compensation Plan Strategy Meetings with Graham

Meet with Graham Collins, QuotaPath’s Chief of Staff and resident sales nerd. He has had hundreds of strategic conversations with sales leaders who are building out comp plans.

Design impactful sales comp plans & track commissions with QuotaPath

Spreadsheets don’t scale. Use QuotaPath to automate commissions, forecast in real-time, and surface insights to your reps and stakeholders.