Finance Teams: Gain clarity and alignment

QuotaPath’s compensation planning and management platform helps you align with sales, streamline commission tracking, and mitigate risks.

Revenue Operations: Simplify commission tracking and incentivize your sales team

QuotaPath is the only commission tracking software built for Sales, Finance, and RevOps. Share accurate commission calculations with your sales team, provide sales reps visibility into their earnings, and enable Finance to easily audit payouts.

Sales Leaders: We take on commissions, so you can spend time building a winning team

We know you need to move quickly, that’s why we’re removing commissions from your plate so that it never slows you down again. With QuotaPath, automate your commission process to increase sales efficiency, motivate your team, and forecast with ease.

Sales Reps: Finally,
commission clarity

Get immediate insight into your commission earnings and quota attainment and see which deals will push you to your next bonus.

CEOs: Board-level reporting

Instantly view quota attainments and know exactly how your team is trending toward revenue goals. Pull board-level reporting without having to wait on anyone and identify opportunities that could use a CEO nudge to increase your Closed Wons.