How to Build a Sales Tech Stack Your Team Will Actually Use

In a webinar in partnership with Pavilion our Co-Founder and CEO AJ Bruno asked Ryan, Nicole, and Michael about their buying processes and KPIs to monitor usage and utilization. 

The group also explored topics such as building champions within your sales teams to boost adoption, establishing trust between RevOps and sales, and sales tech stack essentials.

The number of sales apps, platforms, and tools that promise ROI gains and streamlined workflows continues to spike. This leaves RevOps leaders bombarded with sales tech stack options and incessant daily vendor outreach.

How can RevOps leaders sift through the noise and find systems that fix processes — and that reps love to use?

On March 24, we invited QuotaPath’s Director of RevOps Ryan Milligan, FlavorCloud’s Head of RevOps Nicole Smith, and Contractbook’s Head of RevOps Michael Canty to discuss just this. 

The group also explored topics such as building champions within your sales teams to boost adoption, establishing trust between RevOps and sales, and sales tech stack essentials.

We highlighted three key takeaways from the session below. To get the most out of the conversation, we encourage you to listen along to the entire webinar below. 

1. Get to know your sales reps on an individual basis

The first thing Michael, Ryan, and Nicole did during the opening months of their RevOps roles involved sitting with the reps individually.

“I went on a one-on-one ‘listening tour,’” Ryan said. “If you ask the entire group at once, you’ll only hear from the dominant voices on the team.”

To learn what questions they asked reps and what problems they assessed during their first 30-60-90 days, tune in at the 6-minute mark. 

2. Pair quantitative data with the human element

After evaluating wins against plan data, Ryan said he turns to the reps to go deeper and identify what is driving the misses and wins.

“Empathy and trust are incredibly important to RevOps. You have to listen a lot,” Ryan said. “To paint the full picture, you have to go to the reps and ask what they are seeing anecdotally.”

Ryan goes into more detail at the 18-minute mark.

3. Solution-first buying approaches

When Nicole looks into new tools, her first step involves hosting thought-provoking convos with members of the team. This helps them determine what the tools will actually solve. 

Michael also kicks off his evaluation process from a solution-first mindset. 

“We break the problem down. Is it process-related? A breakdown in training? Or, is another solution required to address it?” Michael said. 

To learn more about Nicole’s steps to building champions in the evaluation process and the importance of inviting detractors to the conversation, skip to the 28-minute mark. 

We hope you enjoy this RevOps-focused webinar as much as we did! Stay tuned for more throughout the year.

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