Best Sales Podcasts 2024

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Podcasts have rapidly risen in popularity from 274.8 million listeners worldwide in 2019 to 464.7 million in 2023. With over 5 million podcasts, there’s something for everyone, including sales professionals, with over 10,000 active sales podcasts available.

Whether you’re a first-time sales development representative or a seasoned CRO, staying informed and inspired in the ever-evolving sales world is essential. This is especially true with current economic and market volatility influencing buyer preferences and behaviors. 

Podcasts provide an excellent (and accessible) opportunity to level up your skills and benefit from on-demand, free professional development. In fact, 74% of podcast listeners reported tuning in precisely to learn and grow. 

So, what are the best sales podcasts you should add to your rotation? 

In partnership with Women in Sales, which we’re a proud partner of, we compiled a list of everyone’s favorites. 

Best Sales Podcasts to Add to Your Queue

10. Topline by Sam Jacobs, AJ Bruno, and Asad Zaman

Every week on the Topline podcast, Pavilion Founder and CEO Sam Jacobs, QuotaPath Co-Founder and CEO AJ Bruno, and Sales Talent Agency CEO Asad Zaman discuss and debate the trends, news, and developments impacting the B2B SaaS world. Tune in for hot takes, strong opinions, and dry humor.

Featured episode: Topline Hotline: Re-engaging lost opportunities

This episode is for listeners wondering how to re-engage lost opportunities best. Is it worth trying to win back someone who’s told you “no” before? Or should you focus on finding new prospects? Listen to this Topline Hotline episode to hear what Sam, AJ, and Asad say.

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9. Taking the Lead with Christina Brady

Taking the Lead is a podcast for B2B tech professionals, leaders, and executives who want to learn and be inspired. Spekit SVP of Sales Christina Brady interviews top female icons at the forefront of revenue teams. She highlights their unique stories, journeys, wins, and challenges to help tech professionals understand the industry, trends, and how to navigate the B2B Tech landscape.

Featured episode: The Evolution of Alex Dillon: Sales to Enablement

In this episode of Taking the Lead, Christina Brady talks with Alex Dillon, a seasoned expert from Intuit, to discuss her professional journey as she transitioned from a sales role to one more focused on training and coaching. This episode highlights the challenges and rewards of navigating such shifts in one’s career.

8. Sales Pipeline Radio with Matt Heinz

On Sales Pipeline Radio, Heinz Marketing Founder and President Matt Heinz interviews B2B sales and marketing entrepreneurs, experts, and professionals. The show covers topics like incorporating empathy in your sales strategy, using AI to find prospects, and how to use your sales data. 

Featured episode: Lessons from the SaaS Sales Trenches

On this episode of Sales Pipeline Radio, Matt interviews Phil Bokan, Field Sales Executive at Aviso AI, about the role of AI in sales, how to stand out and build business relationships, and the importance of human-to-human sales interactions.

7. Conversations with Women in Sales with Lori Richardson

Conversations with Women in Sales began as a resource for women in sales. In this podcast, Women Sales Pros Founder Lori Richardson talks with women sales leaders about their careers and practical sales tips. This show launched in 2018 due to the lack of women in sales roles and on panels. Episodes cover topics like how to avoid imposter syndrome, build a sales funnel, and succeed in tech sales.

Featured episode: 133: Sales Truly Helps, Not Hustles, Sam McKenna, #SamSales

On this episode of Conversations with Women in Sales, Lori speaks with Sam McKenna about the negative stereotype sales still has and the actual benefits of a sales career. They talk about how entrepreneurial the profession is.

6. Outbound Squad with Jason Bay

The Outbound Squad podcast delves into topics like sales prospecting, cold calls, outreach sequencing, and discovery calls to help reps land more meetings. Outbound Squad Founder and CEO Jason Bay interviews a sales expert or top rep and ends each episode with an actionable tip.

Featured episode: How to master discovery, multi-threading, and more

In this episode of Outbound Squad, Jason talks with Jeff Bajorek of Rethink the Way You Sell. They discuss a discovery framework you can use to increase win rates.

5. Rep Matters hosted by Zoya Segelbacher and Caroline Jones

The Rep Matters podcast is for sales professionals eager to develop their business acumen and become top performers. In each episode, Gong Sales Enablement Leader Zoya Segelbacher and Business English Instructor Caroline Jones explore salespeople’s real-life experiences, obstacles, and successes. This allows listeners to learn valuable insights into the strategies, mindsets, and skills that drive success in sales.

Featured episode: Breaking Barriers in Telecom: Ty Smith on Diversity, Inclusion, and Channel Sales

In this episode of Rep Matters, Zoya and Caroline chat with Ty Smith, a seasoned Channel Manager at Cox Business. Ty shares his 18-year journey in the telecom industry as he evolved from sales roles to a leadership position in channel management.

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4. Ashley & Katrine’s Infinite Revenue Playlist powered by Commsor

On Ashley & Katrine’s Infinite Revenue Playlist, Commsor Head of Sales Katrine Reddin and Parentaly Account Executive Ashley Coghill candidly discuss their experiences working in tech sales. Their goal is to help women navigate challenges in the workplace and develop as revenue professionals.

Featured episode: Combating Toxicity at Work and on LinkedIn With Zoe Hartsfield 

During this episode of Ashley & Katrine’s Infinite Revenue Playlist, Zoe talks about why she chose to be extremely vulnerable with her LinkedIn audience, how she combats toxic work environments, and her experience as a woman in revenue.

3. Big Boss Energy Podcast with Kayla Burke

The Big Boss Energy Podcast, hosted by Microsoft Enterprise Sales Specialist Kayla Burke, showcases inspiring success stories. This podcast empowers people to identify tools and strategies to boost career success, mindset, and finances. 

Featured episode: From Zero to 250K: Journey in Tech Sales, Unlocking Interviews and Earning Big

This episode of Big Boss Energy podcast features Astrid’s inspiring journey from overlooked Princeton graduate to tech sales superstar.

2. 30 Minutes to President’s Club by Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh

The podcast 30 Minutes to President’s Club ranks as the #1 sales podcast in the world. It provides sales professionals with actionable tactics to help them achieve their sales goals. During the show, Hosts Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh interview top sales performers and leaders or they share their insights and strategies. Nick and Armand designed each episode to help you improve your sales skills and close more deals.

Featured episode: Build a Better Sales Call with this Foolproof Framework (Jen Allen-Knuth @ DemandJen)

In this episode of 30 Minutes to President’s Club, Nick and Armond talk with “DemandJen” Jen Allen-Knuth about four actions to improve your sales calls.

1. Sales Gravy hosted by Jeb Blount

The Sales Gravy podcast features best-selling author, speaker, and Sales Gravy CEO Jeb Blount. Episodes range from 10 minutes to an hour, so you can select the episode that best suits your schedule. Topics covered include sales management techniques, managing customer price increases, and creating an accountability culture.

Featured episode: 3 Tips to Prevent Burnout and Build Your Mind-Body Connection

On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb talks with Jahmie Hilecher, founder of The Move Wellness, about the importance of prioritizing health and wellness to support productivity and success.

How to Make the Most of Sales Podcasts

Now that you’ve got a solid list of new content, here are a few tips to optimize your listening experience. 

Like many things, learning from podcasts takes more than simply listening. 

According to historical research by Hermann Ebbinghaus, we only retain about 25% of what we learn and forget up to 70% of new information within 24 hours unless we review the information again.

Fortunately, there are various ways to overcome this without repeatedly listening to the same episodes, such as the following:

1. Take notes

Taking notes while listening helps you focus on what is being said. Note-taking has been found to boost your retention and recall of the information learned. Plus, notes allow you to refer back and review the information for reinforcement while making it easier to implement newly learned sales strategies.

2. Hit pause

Podcasts allow you to pause the recording or replay a segment whenever necessary so you can contemplate complex ideas before moving on to the next idea. This lets you consider how new information applies to your day-to-day work and where it might help.

3. Discuss

Explaining what you learn has been proven to improve learning and information recall. So, discussing a podcast with someone else would likely have the same benefit. Taking this step is a great way to put newly learned skills and techniques into practice, further reinforcing the information.

4. Focus on the most useful information

Although a particular podcast may contain helpful information, it may not all apply to your current situation. So, prioritize the bits that are most useful to you in the present and put them to use. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed by too many options and not implement any of your newfound insights.

Future Trends in Sales Podcasting

Sales podcasts cover a diverse range of emerging topics to address the evolving needs and challenges in the sales industry. 

Some noteworthy topics include:

Remote Selling Strategies– Tips and best practices for effective remote selling.
– Leveraging technology and virtual communication tools in the sales process.
Sales Enablement and Training– Strategies for enhancing sales enablement programs.
– Discussions on effective training methods and continuous learning for sales teams.
Customer Experience and Relationship Building– Emphasizing the importance of customer-centric approaches in sales.
– Techniques for building and maintaining strong customer relationships.
AI and Automation in Sales– Exploring the integration of artificial intelligence and automation in sales processes.
– Discussions on how technology is transforming sales workflows.
Inclusive Selling and Diversity in Sales– Addressing diversity and inclusion within the sales profession.
– Strategies for creating inclusive sales environments and reaching diverse markets.
Sales Metrics and Analytics– Deep dive into key sales metrics and analytics.
– Understanding data-driven decision-making in sales strategies.
Market Trends– Adjusting Go-To-Market strategy when the market shifts
Building AlignmentHow to align your revenue team to your North Star metrics

These topics reflect the dynamic nature of the sales industry. Podcast hosts often invite experts, thought leaders, and industry practitioners to share their insights and experiences on these emerging themes. Explore recent episodes from relevant sales podcasts for the latest and most specific information.

Listen and Learn

Podcasts provide easy access to a huge array of sales-related topics to help boost your continued professional growth. Ensure you get the most from your listening by taking notes, reviewing them, discussing new concepts, and putting them into practice. Get started with your recommended podcasts; you may find a new favorite to add to your rotation.

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