The benefits of HubSpot CRM and why you should consider the QuotaPath integration

benefits of hubspot and quotapath integration

This is a guest blog from RevPartners. RevPartners offers businesses the “Ultimate HubSpot onboarding experience.” As a preferred partner, RevPartners allows you to focus on driving revenue with its team of experts so you don’t have to spend as much time on the HubSpot CRM onboarding process. Executed with excellence and care, RevPartners gives:

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As a company grows, silos naturally form, and it becomes progressively more difficult to maintain alignment across teams. This, of course, spills into sales and can detrimentally affect sales performances. 

But the technology exists to help. And, one system that immediately breaks down barriers and streamlines processes is the star of most sales tech stacks: the CRM. 

CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, provides a platform to manage customer and prospective customer relationships and interactions. Sales, support, customer success, and marketing departments leverage CRMs for real-time visibility into the status of their accounts and potential future accounts.

HubSpot, one of the leading CRMs, is often praised for its user-friendliness, affordability, and well-rounded marketing and sales tools.

In this blog, learn the key benefits of HubSpot and how QuotaPath can automate HubSpot commission tracking

HubSpot CRM offers multiple tools that can adapt to your needs. This gives your team the opportunity to create a workflow that is functioning at its highest level, with HubSpot as the main character of your tech stack.

And, there is no better time than the present for RevOps leaders to become HubSpot admins. 

This past spring, G2 recognized HubSpot as the No. 2 CRM, No. 1 MAP (marketing automation platform), and No. 1 CMS (content management system). This is essential for boosting your RevOps department.

Is HubSpot an Enterprise CRM? 

First things first, what is an enterprise CRM? An enterprise CRM is an all-inclusive system that is designed for the complexity of larger organizations. It collects accurate, real-time information which results in companies providing more informed and intelligent customer experiences. 

So, is HubSpot an Enterprise CRM? Absolutely. 

Unlike traditional CRMs that have been used over the past decade, HubSpot pushed the frontier of digital marketing by creating a user-centered system for centralized data. Customer interests sit at the forefront of the company’s strategy.

HubSpot’s G2 achievements did not come from any luck or coincidence. As stated by HubSpot, their “CRM platform offers enterprise software in marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations.” HubSpot’s CRM platform was built with your growth in mind by focusing on adaptability and alignment across its UX. 

Why HubSpot?

RevOps juggles a lot of responsibility, but one of its key focuses and metrics is widespread technology adoption. While most CRM software can be difficult to implement, HubSpot has earned the reputation of being an easy-to-use platform for every team. This leads to higher adoption rates.

Some of the popular tools accessible with HubSpot include pipeline management. Within this tool, sales have full visibility, email tracking and notifications, live chat support, and meeting scheduling available. HubSpot also offers a deeper toolkit that includes artificial intelligence, advanced automation, and custom reporting. 

Admins can map comp plans with HubSpot CRM data to automatically calculate earnings and attainment from HubSpot deals.

Additionally, QuotaPath’s integration with HubSpot (which is a HubSpot certified application) includes the ability to see QuotaPath commission data directly in HubSpot

This setup allows for a single source of truth for both attainment and earnings, which creates alignment, accuracy, and a better user experience.


With the proliferation of tools and app integrations, HubSpot helps you manage all of your tools from one place at the same time. Applications that work together allow you to organize and run your systems more efficiently. This leads to a smaller tech stack that can run multiple functions and decluttered processes. 

The integration of HubSpot and QuotaPath, for example, allows multiple functions to live in the same tool for Hubspot commission tracking. Let’s take a look. 

QuotaPath’s automated commission tracking and sales compensation management software allows reps to easily see their deals, forecast potential earnings, and bring in real-time updates during their sales and commission process.

Admins can map comp plans with HubSpot CRM data to automatically calculate earnings and attainment from HubSpot deals.

Additionally, QuotaPath’s integration with HubSpot (which is a HubSpot certified application) includes the ability to see QuotaPath commission data directly in HubSpot

This setup allows for a single source of truth for both attainment and earnings, which creates alignment, accuracy, and a better user experience.


Announcing HubSpot’s investment in QuotaPath

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How QuotaPath’s native HubSpot Integration works:

  • Import HubSpot Deals in 4 clicks
  • Identify which records count toward earnings
  • Map comp plans with HubSpot CRM data from designated fields
  • Import custom HubSpot fields
  • Define Deal stages to pull from HubSpot
  • Preview mapping and input additional filters
  • View QuotaPath Earnings directly in HubSpot


The adaptability of technology plays an important role in RevOps. That’s why HubSpot allows users to build multiple data sets inside HubSpot so that you have the flexibility to organize your CRM based on your business needs. This provides a greater level of control and accuracy with how you want to use your data. 

According to HubSpot, you have the ability to “embrace flexibility to name the object, determine what properties it has, and decide what other objects it can be associated with. Custom object data looks, feels, and acts like other objects in HubSpot, so there’s no adjustment period for your team or new apps to figure out — just better data.” 

Organizing complexity

The complexity of your teams and the structures within them will increase as your company grows. For example, marketing teams work on many projects using data from both customers and prospects. Meanwhile, sales teams work to actively fill a pipeline of opportunities and leads. This means different departments require different access to the information within a CRM. 

HubSpot allows you to grant relevant permission to each team to simplify and boost the workflow of each team. 

When creating records, users can set properties to enforce validation rules and requirement gates. The use of data validation is the practice and enforcement of keeping the integrity, structure, and accuracy of data before it is used.

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Game changer

HubSpot CRM allows you to authorize individuals to interact with data even if they don’t have a paid seat. Per HubSpot, here are three reasons your team needs access to free seats:

  • The democratization of data gives you improved collaboration and transparency for leadership.
  • Powerful tools with no extra cost.
  • Deliver a more cohesive customer experience.

So, then, why isn’t everyone already using HubSpot? 

Great question! 

After decades of Salesforce and Microsoft leading the way, people struggle with shaking off the common fear of change. As more people continue to recognize the value of HubSpot, this hesitation to switch platforms will change. More companies will experience HubSpot’s uniquely positioned CRM that’s built in-house on one code base. This means you get a unified experience that’s easier for your team to adopt and use than the competitors’ systems.

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Launched in 2018, QuotaPath automates the sales compensation process for scaling revenue teams. Our passionate team of sales leaders and technology experts partner with organizations to develop sales compensation plans that drive the right behaviors. Then, we help your team map these out in our platform to automate the entire process. With QuotaPath, give your reps a tool to forecast commissions and attainment and see real-time commission progress and calculations. Free your Finance team from having to build out formulas and offer them a seamless pay approval experience for sales commissions. Learn more today. 

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