HubSpot names QuotaPath an Essential App for Sales

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For our HubSpot customers, we have continued to direct time and resources into the HubSpot commission tracking integration to ensure a seamless experience in calculating and paying sales commissions.

It has paid off. 

Since 2021 (when we launched the integration), we have earned the most installed sales compensation tool on the HubSpot marketplace.

And today, HubSpot named QuotaPath one of 20 Essential Apps for Sales.

Learn more about our partnership and integration below.

How QuotaPath enables HubSpot commission tracking

QuotaPath ingests data directly from HubSpot to provide a transparent and accurate sales compensation source of truth for Sales, RevOps, and Finance teams. 

With QuotaPath and HubSpot:

  • Automate commission tracking
  • Provide team-wide visibility into sales compensation
  • Build sales compensation plans effortlessly in-app with a flexible plan builder
  • Align compensation plans to financial goals 
  • Motivate and rally selling behaviors around business targets
  • Streamline earning calculations, deal approvals, payments, and amortization of commissions

Our integration also includes quick implementation times to set up fully, real-time data syncs, customizable mapping of fields, and rep-level commissions viewable directly in HubSpot. We wear the “HubSpot Certified App” proudly, too. 

“When I’m reviewing commissions in QuotaPath, I’m not checking to see if they’re right in QuotaPath. I’m checking to see if the deals and fields in HubSpot are correct. Knowing that the data comes from HubSpot is a huge peace of mind. I can trust it,” said Katie Cooper, Muck Rack’s Senior Business Manager of Business and Data Operations.

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How the HubSpot integration works

We mentioned earlier that our HubSpot integration involves a pretty seamless setup. In fact, it’s as easy as a three-step guided process. 

First, sync QuotaPath with HubSpot in one click. This can be done directly within QuotaPath. 

Next, map your compensation plans to your data. Once your HubSpot data begins feeding into QuotaPath, you’ll need to train QuotaPath which HubSpot fields map to your QuotaPath fields. 

Then, assign plans to the variable-earnings members of your team. 

Our setup guide is available if you need more help on this.

Other Essential Apps for Sales

We’re thrilled to be in such great company alongside sales tech staples.

Check out the full list of HubSpot’s Essential Apps, which includes:

Getting started

We want you to have full commission transparency with your HubSpot data – across all departments in your company. If you want to learn more, schedule a call with our team or start your free trial of QuotaPath today.

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