Introducing MyPath: A sales journal made for you


If there’s one thing we will always preach at QuotaPath, it’s the empowerment of sales reps. It’s ingrained in our DNA, product philosophy, and even the way we run our business as a product-led company. The release of our newest feature, MyPath, is built with that same rep-first mentality. It’s an exclusive digital space for reps to track what matters most to them in their career. From daily tasks to long-term savings goals, MyPath empowers sales folks to map, track, and own their sales journey.

MyPath, a tool to empower sales reps

Working in sales means a lot of tracking and measurement: Tracking earnings and quota attainment, metrics like average deal size and win rate, measuring effectiveness of KPI’s like close rate, conversion funnels, and sales cycle.

There are also more personal metrics to track and measure: career aspirations, yearly goals, savings and financial goals, workplace satisfaction, and overall historical career data. Perhaps you’re saving up for an engagement ring or you’re tracking your earnings to make sure you can plan that trip to Bali. While these things remain top of mind for reps, they aren’t usually spoken about out loud.

Enter MyPath. While QuotaPath helps bring clarity to a sales rep’s compensation plan, MyPath allows reps to own the results of their career performance and bridge the success they have in their career to the goals they set in their personal life.

Sales reps deserve the ability to connect effort to reward

Unlike salaried roles in other departments, the success of a salesperson is tied directly to earnings, so more deals = more money. With so much focus being put on the end result, it can be easy to lose sight of the effort to get there. Reps need a way to visualize the motivational aspect of their earnings and how it directly represents success. MyPath allows reps to tangibly see the fruits of their labor, which is not only satisfying but a good indicator of skillsets and strengths.

Sales reps need a way to track achievements

There are a lot of goals that can take longer than one month or one quarter to achieve: saving for a house downpayment, closing $1MM, earning a promotion. MyPath gives sales reps the ability to visualize and keep track of these types of goals. This is currently being addressed in good organizations, just in a disorganized way. Longer-term goals are set but without a way of record-keeping. Sales influencers often talk about the early days in their career and the struggles they experienced, but there’s no record of it. MyPath is a sales rep’s source of truth for accurate earnings and career data that is uninterrupted by changes in roles, promotions, and moving companies.

Sales reps deserve to have a little fun

Life is all about finding meaning in the micro-moments. Working in sales is a hustle and grind and can easily feel like a hamster-wheel environment. Through delightful animations and a Mercury Retrograde tracker, MyPath adds fun and uniqueness to the day-to-day.

Salespeople are master jugglers and multi-taskers, so they’re always looking for ways to automate, organize, and ease their day-to-day lives, both at home and at work. MyPath gives reps a personalized dashboard to organize with the type of information they want to see, all while remaining totally private to them.

Long-term, we envision a portable version of MyPath that reps can take with them from job to job, carrying important career statistics like earnings and attainment, personal goals, a portfolio of logos, notes, and more as they advance through their careers. If you’re not using QuotaPath as your commission management software, sign up for free. And be sure to check out how MyPath can be customized to work just for you.

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