New in QuotaPath: multi-currency, payouts eligibility, and more

quotapath product launch

We’ve had a busy and exciting month at QuotaPath! 

Just how busy? 

How’s two incredible new feature launches, three native integrations, and an overhaul to our QuotaPath API sound? 

(Hold for applause)

Our newest features, and most requested, include Payouts Eligibility and Multi-Currency. We also added CRM integrations with Copper CRM, Sugar CRM, and Zoho CRM, and made significant enhancements to our QuotaPath API to make it easier for our customers to build their own integrations.

To learn more about each new addition, read on!

Payouts Eligibility in QuotaPath

Payouts Eligibility

In short, our new payouts eligibility feature enables QuotaPath users to define eligibility rules and automate when payouts will go out. Our new eligibility mapping wizard makes it easy to define and map r eligibility rules, which currently include eligibility by invoice and eligibility by date. 



With the launch of multi-currency, QuotaPath users can now view their commissions in their local currencies. Previously, users manually converted their commission info from USD to their local currency. With the launch of multi-currency, admins can assign specific workspace members to a currency that will display their rep level functions such as Earnings, My Deals, and My Plans in the selected currency. This enables reps to quickly understand their commission info.

API Enhancements

Additionally, we made significant enhancements to our QuotaPath API by reducing the time it takes to create new integrations from months to days (or even hours!). You’ll no longer have to program any app logic to create your own API implementations. Simply pipe your data from your system to ours and vastly reduce the need for engineering resources. 

QuotaPath CRM Integrations

Last, and certainly not least, QuotaPath now offers native integrations with Copper CRM, Sugar CRM, and Zoho CRM. With these new integrations, users can feed deal data directly into QuotaPath to deliver revenue teams immediate access to their existing and future earnings, total annual recurring revenue, and attainment progress.

We hope you’re as excited about these as we are! And, shoutout to our entire engineering and product teams for making these enhancements a reality. Y’all are the real MVPs. 

Stay tuned for more  QuotaPath product news next month! See you then! 

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